Earlier yesterday (9/18), a new patch for Horizon: Zero Dawn went live but not without producing new issues.

Patch 1.33 requires 309.6 MB of free space and according to a post on the Horizon: Zero Dawn Reddit page, it fixes some bugs that were found in one the game’s previous patches which added New Game+ and the Ultra Hard difficulty options. These changes include a reduction in power of the Tearblast Arrows that were dealing extra damage on Ultra Hard difficulty and fixing a cheat that would allow them to reroll their Modification Boxes by saving and loading into the game once again.

The full patch notes can be found as follows:

• Implemented an option to allow making a manual save from a previous Game when starting a New Game to avoid losing progress.

• Fixed an issue where for some players Tearblast Arrows incorrectly deal extra Tear damage on Ultra Hard.
• Fixed an issue where some players were able to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading.

• Fixed an issue in ‘The Womb of the Mountain’ when playing on Story difficulty where some players were able to kill the Corruptor outside of the gate, blocking progression because the player is not able to interact with it to continue the quest.

Unfortunately, the Reddit post was later updated to inform players that today’s new patch once again created another issue that involves the game crashing when loading a file with an opened treasure box in their inventory containing a mode and item. Guerrilla Games is working on a fix for this issue now.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now available for PS4. The expansion, The Frozen Wilds, will release November 7th for $19.99 and $14.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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