Back at E3 2017, a Kirby Switch game was announced and now it has an official name, Kirby: Star Allies. In this game, Kirby can throw hearts at up to three enemies to turn them into allies to fight for the remainder of the level.

Kirby will gain new attacks based on who he’s working with. In one example, Kirby uses the ESP ability to lift his companion for a Stone Drop attack. These special attacks are determined by your ally’s copy ability. Is Kirby copies an elemental attribute it can be shared with allies. We see an icy sword attack and bomb combined with wind that can act as a hot air balloon.

Kirby: Star Allies can be played alone or with friends. Cooperatively players take control of Kirby’s allies and when alone AI takes control.

Kirby: Star Allies launches on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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