The second season of Minecraft: Story Mode has been off to a strong start, and Episode 3: Jailhouse Block continues this season’s mighty momentum. The excellent interactive fights, information integral to the game’s central plot, and the fantastic soundtrack were what made this episode, in my opinion, the best so far. It does suffer from a slow start, but the cliffhanger ending will leave you yearning for the next episode.

Prison Break

Jailhouse Block has Jesse and his friends trapped inside a prison called the Sunshine Institute. Don’t let the name fool you, this is an exceptionally dangerous place where the Admin sends everyone he cannot stand; even the guards there are held captive against their will. Food is limited, and the prison is surrounded by a massive labyrinth full of dangerous monsters, both of which were custom-made by the Admin, himself. Escape is near impossible but, of course, that has never stopped Jesse, before.

Like I stated before, the first half of the episode starts off a little slow. It is disappointingly straightforward and doesn’t offer players much, with the exception of establishing the new location and featuring a handful of simple puzzles. It’s only during the final half of the episode that things begin to show merit, with exciting chase sequences and the most critical decision of the episode. The ending is weaker than episode two’s conclusion but leaves enough unanswered questions for players to look forward to the next episode.

Make Your Choice

Jesse must make his choices wisely to ensure the safety of his friends, giving the player multiple ways to complete the episode. Jesse can choose to be compliant and gain favor among those in power, or choose to be a freedom fighter for the prisoners. Either way, the choices you make will determine how those around you will treat you.

Some of the choices during the beginning of the episode don’t offer a lot of variety. Instead, they give Jesse multiple ways to say the same thing using a different tone. For example, when Radar decided to take on a new determined personality Jesse’s options were to remain silent or disagree with the change.

Outside of decision-making, the player will also interact with the environment by using a floating cursor, and input commands during quick-time events. This episode features more combat than the previous episodes, with one amazing boss fight that easily overshadows anything seen in both season one or two of Minecraft: Story Mode. I did wish a block option was available for the hand-to-hand combat though.

Unfortunately, the fresh faces Jesse encounters in the latest installment aren’t memorable. Most of the episode has you speaking to your team and attempting to escape the prison. With the exception of a handful of situations, most of the new characters are pushed to the back unless needed again.

Play it Again Sam!

I have to make it known that what really brought the entire episode together was the fantastic soundtrack. You had an amazing sense that the composer knew exactly what they were doing. While playing through the chase sequences, the music was brought to an exciting tone and made me feel extremely tense.  The music made the boss encounters more thrilling and really got my blood flowing. They felt amplified by the complimentary soundtrack that fit the moment.

What’s Next?!

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Episode 3: Jailhouse Block is another fantastic addition to this amazing season. It starts slow but, toward the end, builds up to a satisfying ending thanks to an exciting fight and shocking new information. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 continues to delight, and Jailhouse Block is another great addition to this already exciting adventure.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Episode 3: Jailhouse Block
The Good
  • Excellent Action
  • Great Boss Encounters
  • Replay Value
The Bad
  • Simple Puzzles
  • Slow Start
8.5Overall Score
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