Those vexed about not getting an NES Classic last year and the hunt for a SNES Classic this month will be glad to hear more are on the way, next year.

Following yesterday’s announcement from Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime Nintendo confirmed that more NES Classics and SNES Classics will be shipped in 2018. The NES Classic system will relaunch in the summer of 2018 but no exact date was given. No date was given for the second release of the SNES Classic. So if you are unable to buy one this year and don’t want to give hundreds of dollars to a third-party seller you can wait until next year.

The SNES Classic will release on September 29th for $79.99. It comes with 21 games including the unreleased Star Fox 2 for SNES. The NES Classic comes with 30 games and launched last year to popular acclaim.

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