Destiny 2 has a new hotfix available now. It doesn’t add any new gameplay content but resolves the mini-tool issue that many Destiny 2 players have been facing since release.

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The new hotfix includes:


Fixed an issue that caused Clan Rosters to not be displayed in the game


Fixed an issue that caused players to not receive MIDA Mini-Tool when they have a full inventory

Players can now obtain their missing MIDA Mini-Tool from Devrim Kay


Fixed a rare memory leaked that would result in a crash

Destiny 2 takes place after Destiny’s final expansion, Rise of Iron, and has players attempting to repel the Cabal army called The Red Legion. With the source of the Guardian’s Light, The Traveler, taken by The Red Legion the player must rally other powerless Guardians in one final push.

Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One and PS4. The PC version launches on October 26th.

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