Nintendo is attempting to turn back the clock with the Wii U’s failure by providing Nintendo Switch users with all the game’s that did not release for their last console. Now 2016’s Doom is coming to the Switch and new gameplay, provided by GameSpot, has been released.

Revealed in the recent Nintendo Direct GameSpot managed to get some quality time with this acclaimed shooter using Switch’s portable screen setup. GameSpot stated that they played on a debug Switch and the frame rate and performance are subject to change. This also included sound glitches during our direct-line audio recording due to the nature of the debug.

Bethesda holding back with the blood and gore, ensuring that this version of the game is on par with the original. Multiplayer maps and modes will be offered as an optional free download at launch. Doom on Switch is scheduled for release Holiday 2017.

Doom is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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