As many of us have seen, mainstream media often shows women as these weak, little creatures who need big, strong men to defend them. Coincidentally, those same men often are the architects of oppression to the advancement of women in everyday life. That’s always something that has kind of irritated the hell out of me. Why the hell would women not be treated as equals from the get-go? Here at Gamer Assault Weekly, we think this is major horsesh*t. Women are more than capable of accomplishing what their male counterparts can, and at least from my experience, with grace and gusto that the men in their position cannot match. Below are some games that, in my eyes show off women as the bad ass, intelligent, beautiful humans they are.

Bayonetta (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PC)

She’s smart, she’s sexy, she will literally shoot you in the face with her gun strapped heels, oh and she’s apparently a five-hundred-year-old witch with a severe case of amnesia. The whole game is pretty much spent trying to get to this one particular place to prevent some artifact from falling into the wrong hands and resurrecting some huge demon creature that can only be released when the two eyes guarded by heaven and hell are joined. All of that while our heroine Bayonetta is struggling to remember who she is or why the little girl that appears is calling her mummy and how she can see the angels like she can. It’s a unique story coupled with the familiar gameplay style of Devil May Cry that works together wonderfully. Not to mention the brutal and entertaining torture moves Bayonetta can pull off to finish off those wretched disciples of heaven. Grab the game now for about twenty bucks and get ready for a wild ride.

The Last of Us (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3)

It is no secret that I love Naughty Dog’s adventure/horror game The Last of Us! One of the reasons I really enjoyed the strong narrative based game was how superbly written and portrayed the characters were. Troy Baker did a phenomenal job as Joel the grizzled and tired survivor, but Ashley Johnson really knocked it out of the park with the way she played Ellie. The game could have shown Ellie as a scared little girl, but she’s a total bad ass! She’s grown up in the apocalypse, this is all she knows. She’s survived clickers, regular infected, losing people, and later on nearly horrible actions by some atrocious men. She takes it all in stride and even shows her human side through the whole thing by getting close to Joel in a really well-done father to daughter like relationship even surviving for a few months on her own while Joel was essentially in a coma. If you haven’t played this game I highly recommend you do so as soon as you can for under ten bucks on PlayStation 3 and the remastered edition under fifteen on PlayStation 4. Don’t forget that the DLC, Left Behind, has a solo Ellie adventure if you needed any more proof of her badassery.

Overwatch (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Alright, I know there are a lot of weird things on the internet about the women of Overwatch, but if you dig into the backgrounds and lore of each character they really are some interesting women. Take Widowmaker for instance, before she was a Talon sniper she was actually married to an Overwatch scientist. Talon apparently kidnapped her and tortured her so badly they broke her and eventually converted her. Her blue skin is also an apparent result of one of the experiment, though I am personally a little hazy on those details. Mei had her own animated short recently that showed some of the work she did prior to her cryogenic freezing. The chipper and brilliant woman awoke nine years later as the only survivor of her base. Through a series of sad events, she sets out to answer Winston’s call to resurrect Overwatch after building a prototype of her deadly ice cannon. Mercy apparently isn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone thinks either. Reaper and at least one other character are direct results of Mercy’s Resurrection going slightly wrong. Reaper is stuck in a constant state of decay, hence the dark get up, that has warped his mind and made him a bitter and evil shell of the former man Reyes. This is also keenly expressed in dialogue interactions in the safe rooms. Mercy will sometimes say a line similar to “Gabriel, what happened?” to which Reaper will retort: “You tell me doc!” There was also apparently a darker version removed where the exchange ends with Reaper saying: “You knew exactly what you were doing.” But you shouldn’t forget D.Va, Pharah, Ana, Sombra, Symmetra, Zarya, and the flagship female character, Tracer. All of the females in this game hold up just as good if not better than any male counterpart. Each are total badasses in their own right. If you don’t have the game you can grab it now for around thirty-seven dollars.

Rise of The Tomb Raider (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 36o, PC)

The sequel to 2013’s hit Tomb Raider reboot shows Lara chasing down answers to her father’s obsession to not only clear his name but to stop the evil organization known as Trinity. The gameplay hasn’t changed much from the previous game which is nice because it was nearly flawless gameplay. The changes that did occur are simple additives like now players can level up Lara’s language skills by finding artifacts then she can read these totems that unlock more backstory to the prophet that hid the main treasure for the game. Players can also buy weapons now from a dealer with the ancient coins Lara finds hidden in the world. Lara can also now craft various kinds of bombs that will help her out in combat, hand grenades, smoke bombs, a few different ones involving fire all make combat frantic and satisfying. Fight bears, stop an evil organization from finding the secret of immortality and watch Lara grow into the smart, strong protagonist we all know and love for around eighteen dollars.

Pick of the Month: White Noise 2 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

While it doesn’t fit the general theme for the month I do recommend grabbing this game and a few friends and settling in for some spooks. White Noise 2 is the sequel to the indie game from the Xbox 360 era known as White Noise Online. It built upon the already solid foundation of its predecessor by making the enemy AI noticeably more adamant to get to your munchie bits. The gameplay boils down to one typically AI controlled monster and either one to four investigators (players) in an area. The investigators all try to work together to stay alive and collect eight tapes, pretty much just like the first one. The twist of the equation is as soon as all eight tapes are collected all the players left alive must hightail it to where ever the totems spawn activate all eight and end the game. Which is sometimes easier said than done, especially if the monster hunting the players is played by a human and not an AI. The AI can be brutal when setting to the higher difficulty settings, but humans have a certain added cerebral nature to the way they play. They like to get in the other players head, really creep them out with jump scares, isolate them then brutally feast on their flesh.

Pick of the Month +: MAiZE (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

Okay, I suppose I could try to half-ass it and say “well the corn queen is a strong woman who reigns over the sentient corn with an iron kernel” but uh, well I’m just not going to. While the game doesn’t have any poppin’ corn puns it does have some smart gameplay and a well-written story. A government communication misinterpreted and incompetent management leads to sentient corn being created then abandoned in an underground bunker hidden beneath a farm. Not to mention the game features quite possibly the best character to grace consoles in 2017. Vladdy is a lovable and generally grumpy teddy bear with a Russian accent. He thinks everything is stupid and his little paws squeak softly as he follows you around for most of the game. Honestly, if that doesn’t sell you on the game you have some serious soul searching to do. Grab the game on your platform of choice for around ten bucks now (note: it is on sale now and revert to its regular price of twenty bucks soon) and check out my review here.

Feel free to drop your own strong female lead characters below in the comments section. I strongly suggest giving a few of these games a try, if not for the characters at least to experience everything else the games have to offer, respectively.  Next month is October, so, of course, the theme will be horror related. Drop some of your horror game favorites below and they may just end up in next month’s article.

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