Square Enix Collective has been hard at work with their Indie Development team and has a lot to show off at EGX in Birmingham. Located at stand S40, Square Enix will be showing off 10 games spread out over 30-plus pods.

This line up includes titles to look forward to as well as games that have already been released. Attendees will have a chance to take part in these games:

  • Forgotton Anne: Throughline Games’ beautiful 2D cinematic anime adventure Forgotton Anne, where players take on the role of Anne as she tries to escape the Forgotton Realm and return to the real world.
  • Fear Effect Sedna from Sushee, the first new game in this legendary series for more than 15 years.
  • Black the Fall: Sand Sailor Studio’s head-scratching puzzler Black The Fall, which casts players into a dark and oppressive world ruled b
    by Communism.
  • Octahedron: Recently announced rhythmic puzzle platformer Octahedron from Switzerland-based Demimonde.
  • Oh My Godheads: Multiplayer masterstroke Oh My Godheads, where players fight for control of ancient stone heads in ridiculously fast and frenetic action.
  • Tokyo Dark: Psychological horror Tokyo Dark, which puts a new spin on point-and-click play thanks to a multi-branching story rife with melancholic undertones.
  • Battalion 1944: World War II FPS Battalion 1944, which tasks players with taking on some gloriously old-school multiplayer mayhem.
  • Deadbeat Heroes: Bullet-dodging 3D brawler Deadbeat Heroes, which brilliantly taps into all the best tropes from classic 90s beat-em-ups in a 60s superhero parody.
  • The Turing Test: First-person puzzler The Turing Test from Bulkhead Interactive.
  • Goetia: Square Enix Collective’s first ever release, puzzle-orientated point-and-click adventure Goetia.
  • Children of Zodiarcs: Deck & dice story-driven, single-player tactical RPG Children of Zodiarcs.

Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Development at Square Enix London stated, “The way games are released has changed in recent years and, as such, so should the way we showcase them at events like EGX.” He added, “No longer are games done and dusted on the day of release: they evolve, they update, they change. By the same token, our commitment to the games we’ve published goes well beyond launch day.

To add to this, Raymond Dumbeck, Director of AMD said, “Our collaboration with Square Enix Collective is based on the fact that both of our companies have a shared commitment and passion for indie gaming and we believe in helping developers deliver the best gaming experience possible.

Anyone that purchases a qualified AMD-powered PC from a range of OEMs can validate their hardware and get three free games from the Square Enix Collective portfolio. More details on this are on their website AMD4U.com.

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