Cloud9 have defeated the German side BIG 2-0 in the grand finals of Dreamhack Denver to secure the championship.

The North Americans kicked off Cache strongly, with tarik taking out three to secure the CT pistol round, and followed that up by taking the next round. A strong buy in the third round saw BIG take the next four rounds. Cloud9 were able to knuckle down and play their CT side with discipline, and were eventually able to regain the lead.

BIG needed to pull something out, and soon, if they were to stay in this game. Down 4-6, the Germans decided the best play was an execute onto the A site. Fortunately for the Germans, their in game leader gob b was able to pull through with a successful one versus one clutch. After that, Cloud9 ran away with the rest of the half to close out their CT side with a scoreline of 9-6.

Cloud9 kicked off their T pistol round successfully to hit double digits. BIG never let Cloud9 have a large lead, and because of this the first map was a close affair throughout. Eventually, the North Americans were able to close out Cache, finishing the map with a 16-13 scoreline.

The two sides would then do battle on Train. Cloud9 won eight out of the first nine rounds, and made BIG look small. The German side claimed a total of three rounds, and due to their inability to build up a decent economy, Cloud9 were able to close out their T half with a 12-3 lead. Cloud9 secured the first three rounds of their CT side to secure match point. BIG were able to adjust and take a round off of Cloud9. This ruined their economy, which took some time to rebuild. BIG were on the hunt for a fourth round on the T side, but thanks to some heroics from RUSH and Stewie2k, the North Americans were able to close out the series against the German side, winning 2-0 to secure the Dreamhack Denver championship.


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