FaZe Clan has won the ELEAGUE Premier after beating Astralis 2-0 in Atlanta, winning back to back championships in the United States. FaZe continued their fantastic offline tournament form, extending their unbeaten run to fifteen maps across two tournaments.

The veto stages went as follows:

  • FaZe removed Train
  • Astralis removed Cobblestone
  • FaZe picked Cache
  • Astralis picked Overpass
  • Astralis removed Mirage
  • FaZe removed Nuke
  • Inferno left as the decider map

FaZe kicked off their map pick, Cache, in an assertive manner. Rain picked up four frags in the pistol round to secure the first round for FaZe. Device and Kjaerbye came up huge for Astralis in the next round, with both of the Danish players picking up double kills to allow Astralis to secure the eco win and the third round. After that, they forced FaZe onto an eco round and then took the lead from there.

The rounds throughout the first half of Cache were closely contested, but, in the end, Astralis ran away with the half and were up 12-3.

Thanks to major heroics from NiKo, FaZe were able to secure their CT pistol round. FaZe went on to win the next two rounds and paved the path for a comeback victory. FaZe’s run for a comeback was cut short thanks to an incredible display of individual skill from dupreeh, as the Dane was able to utilize the CZ-75 and the AWP to secure a round win for the Danes, piling the pressure on FaZe once again. However, FaZe were able to reset Astralis due to a 1 HP clutch from rain, which ruined the Danish side’s money.

Astralis were unable to find the solid footing on their T side that they had on their CT side, and, FaZe were slowly but surely climbing their way back into the game.

The efforts of multiple players from the mixed European side guaranteed them the comeback victory as they closed out the game 16-14.

On Overpass, Astralis were able to secure their first pistol round but were picked apart by rain and NiKo in the next round by their pistols. NiKo followed up his heroics in the second round by claiming the third round in a 1v1 clutch against Kjaerbye. This set up FaZe for a great economic lead, and they utilized this to shut Astralis’ T side out on Overpass, closing out the half 12-3. Astralis claimed the CT pistol and the round following that, but FaZe were able to claim the next round after that. Astralis managed to claim four more rounds in this half, but FaZe would continue their run of dominance on this map and closed out the game with a scoreline of 16-7 to win the title of ELEAGUE Premier Champions, as well half of the prize pool, with the champions claiming $500,000.

This tournament victory marked back to back tournament wins for the European side in North America, with the European giants claiming ESL One: New York in a similarly dominant fashion prior to their victory at the ELEAGUE Studios in Atlanta. Over the course of both tournaments, the side had not dropped the map, and are currently sitting at an offline record of 15-0.

FaZe’s Norwegian player, rain, claimed HLTV’s MVP Award for the tournament. The player put in a phenomenal showing throughout the course of the group stages and playoffs, having only one map with an HLTV rating of under 1.10.


Header Photo Credit: FaZe Clan


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