A couple of GAW’s crew went to New York Comic Con this year and have seen a ton of cool stuff. For those of you who don’t know NYCC is a place where all of geek culture’s best come to show off what will be coming to fans in the coming months/year. Everything fans could hope for from merch, TV, Movies, Video/Board Games, and, of course, Comic Books. So we asked the crew that went, “Well, what cool stuff did you see at NYCC?”

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Boss Daddy

Ok well to start this off let me just say this year was a little cramped due to the Javitz Center losing some space. So crowded the DC Comics didn’t even have a booth, they were off-site somewhere, so you can imagine how much stuff was there.

Having said that, Bandai Namco was there and they were showing off a few new titles that fans are patiently waiting for, games like, Code Vain and Dragonball FighterZ. I played Dragonball FighterZ a few times and each time I fell more and more in love with it. The gameplay is awesome, smooth, colorful, and easy to pick up. Obviously, once I got the hang of it it was even more enjoyable. The game is everything that a fan has wanted for the past few years.

Artist Alley was full of amazing people this year. My favorite (non-comic book) artist for years was there again, Megan Lara. She’s wonderful and has amazing designs, one that I hope to get as a tattoo some year. Her art style is so crisp, clear, and gorgeous that any fan would be proud to hang on their walls.

There were a few merch tables that were absolutely worth your time and effort as a fan to check out now. One was a company called Boss Drop that specialized in gaming pins. They sell various other things on their website but the pins they created are wonderful. The guys at the booth were excited to show off their new Overwatch pins and they came out great. So absolutely go and check them out at the above link.

The other company we saw was Rock Love and they specialize in more of a higher-end type jewelry, however, they also make many of the jewelry you have seen on websites like ThinkGeek. I was able to chat with the creator of designs, Allison, and she told me they have the official licensing of a lot of big names. They work very closely with Bungie and Blizzard for example and create necklaces, rings, earrings, and more for fans to drool over. One of their newer products is the Ghost (Destiny 1/2) that come as a necklace or set of earrings. Allison is the brains behind all the designs and between her and her team, they make all the products with great metals, real gemstones, and fair trade materials. “Most companies are great also, and they let me really work as a fan to create something fun that other fans would enjoy.” She’s totally right because even during our short interview her booth was packed. If you missed out getting anything from RockLove at NYCC, then be sure to check out their website for more information.

While there were some amazing things to see, do, and even eat this year, I will leave you with one other thing that I just thought was incredible. Koji Igarashi was there signing autographs (of which I totally got one) and showing off his newest game that was crowdfunded, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Meeting Iga was a lifelong dream come true. Playing Bloodstained early was just icing on the cake of meeting a hero of mine. Bloodstained is a total wish fulfillment for any fans of the Castlevania series.

Of course, all the cosplay at NYCC was on point, all of which you can see at the bottom of our article. There was also some cool photo ops for fans; Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Cult of Chucky, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Star Wars, Justice League and even Spongebob Squarepants. All in all, NYCC was a lot of fun and I already can’t wait for next year!

Christine Marten
Senior Community Developer/Writer/Smoll Birb

With my second year of NYCC under my belt as a writer, and ninth as a fan, I have to say that ReedPop did a pretty excellent job given that there were renovations happening at the Javitz Center.  Though that didn’t stop any of the hundreds of fans that still attended and stepped up their cosplay, even more, this year, including someone who went very meta and cosplayed as the Javitz center!

Image result for javits center cosplay

On the convention floor, you are always bound to accidentally run into a famous face or two.  Fortunately for me, this run in was with the creator of Street Fighter V, Yoshinori Ono!  He was nice enough to give me an autograph and a picture.  After a day of interviews, and an impromptu photo shoot, I ran to the Roosterteeth booth, whose red carpeting is always covered corner to corner with RWBY and Red vs. Blue cosplayers.  I myself was paying tribute to RWBY member Yang Xiao Long this weekend.  Although they are a growing company, the CRWBY members always take time to hold a free signing. I was fortunate to have the voice of Ruby, Lindsey (Tuggey) Jones, sign my 3Ds and snap a pic. Her upbeat personality, even at the closing time, kept her fans energy high as they waited to meet the queen herself.

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Though I did not get to play as many games this week as in past years, I was very drawn to Monster Hunter World from Capcom in particular.  Having only played on Monster Hunter title previously, Monster Hunter Generations, I felt very nervous approaching the demo.  I was thrown in with three other players and we were tasked to hut down an Anjanath.  I ran in with a sword and shield and was quickly distracted by how absolutely gorgeous the graphics and the environment was.  This was quickly shattered when I was attacked and had to fight back, which just added to my newfound love for this game.  The combat animations and mechanics are so fluid compared to Generations, and it makes for some interesting combo attacks.  While I felt the demo ended rather quickly, as many were waiting to play, this is definitely a game I am picking up for the PS4.

Image result for monster hunter world

Try as I might to stay on a budget, I was summoned to the sounds of the Ocarina at the Songbird Ocarina booth.  With handcrafted ocarinas in the shape of eight-sided die, Hylian shields, and Pokeballs, there were so many beautiful ocarinas to choose from for beginner and pros.  I was especially impressed by the booth employee who did an ocarina cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” complete with backup harmonies from his laptop.

Image result for songbird ocarina

While I spent a majority of my time outside I got to take part in some of the many interactive exhibits that were there.  I took pictures outside Kenward High School, one of the new locations for Ash vs. Evil Dead from STARZ based on the B movie classic horror series, The Evil Dead.  Next door I was beckoned by a message from Jigsaw to play a game at the Jigsaw Experience,  which just happened to be next to the Star Wars tent.  There I got to see expert pilots fly around impressive new remote-controlled drones in the last man standing laser game.  Before entering the Jigsaw Experience I was chained to my partner in crime, Ian, and led into a dark room with two chairs facing opposite directions.  I won’t get into to much detail, but it contained a Jigsaw VR experience that is sure to destroy the faint of heart AKA me.  It was no sooner I thought my heart would calm down that we were led into another blood covered room in which we had to complete Jigsaw’s challenge by finding three keys in under 6 minutes.  The fear was heightened through flashing lights, shaking doors, and cries for help coming from another room; again, this was not for the faint of heart.

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Perusing the Artist Alley I was very excited to find a booth for Naomi Romer, who has made art for companies like WeLoveFine, Nick Jr., and BOOM!  She turns beloved anime, comic, and video game characters into corgi’s; and it’s just as adorable as it sounds.  I was able to snag two exclusive items from her booth, a Shota Aizawa Corgi pin and print of All Might and Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

You can see some of the other Cosplayers that the team ran into below, as well as all the other fun things that happened. Were you also there at NYCC? What did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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