The first day of the group stages for the League of Legends World Championships has concluded. The day was full of some exciting games.

The games in the first day of the group stages tended to end relatively quickly. Some of the games had some slow starts but would pick up at an incredible pace at the mid-game, which would lead to an early conclusion of most of the games, barring the Edward vs. ahq match up, which was a 50+ minute brawl.

Day One, Game One:

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) vs. 1907 Fenerbahce 

Fenerbahce’s early game was strong. The Turkish side was able to trade effectively during the laning phase and was able to pick up first blood against RNG. As both teams moved towards the mid game phase, RNG started to pick up the pace, in terms of objectives, taking Fenerbahce’s towers without any response from their opponents. The first tower was taken down by RNG at the 17-minute mark. Shortly after, the Chinese side was able to claim the Nexus, and with that, the match. RNG finished the game with an 11.4k gold lead over Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce were seemingly outclassed, as RNG finished the game with 11 kills, whilst the Turkish side finished with a meager 3.

Day One, Game Two:

G2 Esports vs. Samsung Galaxy

This match started off rather slowly until the end of the laning phase, in which Samsung Galaxy was able to assert themselves and gain control of the game. G2 and Samsung Galaxy had two fights. In both of these fights, the top seed from Europe failed to amass anything against Samsung Galaxy, which essentially handed control of the game to the South Korean team. Samsung Galaxy made light work of the Europeans, destroying their Nexus at the 30 minute mark. As indicated by the low amount of team fights in this game, Samsung Galaxy finished the match with 9 kills versus G2’s 5 kills. Samsung Galaxy also finished the game with a 10.2k gold lead.

Day One, Game Three:

Longzhu Gaming vs. Immortals 

First blood went to Immortals at the 8-minute mark, as Olleh’s Morgana claimed the scalp of GorillA’s Karma. Just five minutes after the first blood, Immortals claimed the first tower at the 13-minute mark. This game was an even affair between both sides throughout until around the 20-minute mark where Longzhu took Baron whilst Immortals were focused on the Infernal Drake. This lead that Longzhu Gaming had suddenly built allowed them to turn the game solely into their favor, and shortly after, the South Korean side swept aside the North Americans to claim the victory.

Day One, Game Four:

Fnatic vs. GIGABYTE Marines

Fnatic claimed first blood in the earlier stages of the match, as Caps’ Ryze finished off Archie’s Galio at the 3-minute mark. However, the first tower was taken by GAM at the 6-minute mark. The Vietnamese side, GIGABYTE, had come in with a specific game plan, which was to center their team around Nocturne and Tristana. This game was fast-paced. Both sides had 9 kills by the 15-minute mark. GIGABYTE played an aggressive style that Fnatic could not keep up with, and as GIGABYTE Marine’s Tristana grew stronger, Fnatic simply could not keep up and eventually succumbed to their opponents. To give an indication of how strong Noway’s Tristana was, the largest killing spree in the match was 11 from that player and his champion.

Day One, Game Five:

SK Telecom T1 vs. Cloud9

SKT played this match with an absolute regard for safety. Their safe play was rewarded in the 9th minute, as Faker claimed first blood by taking Contractz down. Cloud9 tried to force the issue throughout the match, through various early gank attempts and attempted forced skirmishes, but were simply countered by SKT’s safe play throughout the whole game. Due to the fact that Cloud9 repeatedly tried to force the issue with SKT, they were never able to amount any sort of lead, which allowed SKT to dictate the pace of the game. By the end of the game, SKT dominated in kills and economic advantage, as the SKT finished with 12 kills versus Cloud9’s 5, and SKT finished with a 13.3k gold lead. It’s safe to say that SKT’s safe gameplay was rewarded greatly.

Day One, Game Six:

Edward Gaming vs. ahq e-Sports

ahq managed to build up an early gold lead and were able to hold onto it throughout the game. The matchup in itself was a continuous slug fest as the game stretched to the near hour mark. It got to the point where gold did not matter and what mattered the most was who came out on top of the team brawls. Fortunately for ahq, they were able to triumph over Edward Gaming in the later fights and were able to secure the win. Both teams finished with 104.3k gold. Edward Gaming finished with 11 kills and ahq finished with 12. This match ultimately defied the day’s trend of quick games.

Day One concluded with Eastern domination in the group stages, whilst Europe and North America failed to pick up a result against their opponents.

Header Photo Credit: Blitz Esports 

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