Day Three of the League of Legends World Championships has concluded with North American teams continuing to impress while Europe finally managed to get some wins on the board. China, on the other hand, has had an inconsistent performance with teams bringing in a mixed bag of wins and losses.

TSM vs. Team WE

TSM forgot all about the safe play in this match against Team WE. Instead of playing the way they played against Flash on Day Two, the North Americans put constant pressure on Team WE’s jungle in the early game. This gave TSM the early lead, and fortunately, the North Americans were able to hold on to, and build on, that lead before eventually closing out the game just after the half-hour mark.

Flash Wolves vs. Misfits

In a game that nearly hit the fifty-minute mark, the Europeans remained dominant throughout the entire match. Misfits never allowed Flash Wolves to re-enter the game in any way, shape, or form; shutting out Flash Wolves completely in terms of kills. Misfits claimed the Nexus, closing out the game with 12 kills.

G2 Esports vs. 1907 Fenerbahce 

G2 dominated Fenerbahce to record a second European win. Throughout the entire group stage, Fenerbahce just seemed like they were outclassed. So it was no real surprise to see G2 claim the match over the Turkish side. G2 recorded a perfect game, ending it with 8 kills vs. Fenerbahce’s 0, claiming all of Fenerbahce’s towers without a single reply from the Turkish side.

Samsung Galaxy vs. Royal Never Give Up

RNG smacked Samsung Galaxy. Simple. It’s incredibly rare to see a Korean team lose at Worlds, let alone get beaten the way they did. RNG beat Samsung within the 27-minute mark, and did not give up a single kill to the Korean side.

SK Telecom T1 vs. ahq e-Sports

SKT counter picked ahq e-Sports in every possible way, yet somehow the match was a close affair. SKT lost their early game lead and barely managed to hold a decent gold lead despite their superior creep score. Fortunately for SKT, ahq made some mistakes that would turn the match in the favor of SKT, and ultimately they were able to wrap up the game.

Cloud9 vs. Edward Gaming

Cloud9’s victory was impressive and controlled. Cloud9 managed to take Edward out of the early game and shut them out from there. The North Americans were able to secure control of the match relatively early on and were able to secure Baron and the objectives without being exposed to any real danger.

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