The League of Legends World Championships’ first weekend of the Group Stages has now come to an end. After four days of exhilarating gameplay, half of the standings are now set in stone.

Day Four was incredibly eventful, with teams battling it out to make sure they were able to finish as high as they could possibly finish. As a result, over half of the games lasted for about 40 minutes. Regardless, these games were as intense as they were entertaining.

Team WE vs. Flash Wolves

Team WE took this game at a slow, risk-free pace, and it paid off. Team WE focused on building their gold lead through farming in the early game and rode that out to a victory in the 32nd minute. Most of the team fights, barring one, went in favor of Team WE as they maintained control of the match from start to finish. Flash Wolves, despite getting first blood on Twitch in the 9th minute, were not able to mount much of an offense, as they were only able to claim one tower compared to Team WE’s eight tower count.

Misfits vs. TSM

This match was a back and forth affair until the late game, when Misfits just ran away with the match, to the surprise of many. The gold lead went back and forth between the two teams and ended with a difference of 5k in the favor of the European side. Misfits’ heavy focus on the bottom lane helped them get ahead, and the Europeans finished the match with 17 kills and 10 towers claimed.

GIGABYTE Marines vs. Immortals

Immortals were the superior team throughout the vast majority of the game and built their lead slowly and steadily. The North Americans surrendered only one tower to GAM in their victory. By the time the 25-minute mark had rolled around, Immortals accumulated a gold lead of 6.6k, and from there, it was ‘game, set and match’ for IMT.

Fnatic vs. Longzhu Gaming

This was a quick, perfect game for Longzhu. Longzhu were able to shut out the Europeans in every aspect of the game, denying them kills and any form of objective. Longzhu finished with 5 kills, 8 towers, and a 11k gold lead.

1907 Fenerbahce vs. Samsung Galaxy

Fenerbahce has had it rough throughout their tenure at Worlds, but this match was probably the hardest one to swallow. Samsung Galaxy secured first blood in the 2nd minute, and then followed that up with the first tower at the 8-minute mark. Fenerbahce looked like they were in this game, but, Samsung Galaxy made the game last to the point where gold leads were simply irrelevant. Galaxy won one team fight and used that to ride to victory.

Royal Never Give Up vs. G2 Esports

This game was close, but ultimately RNG was able to pull away with the match. RNG slowed down the match and forced every objective to be carefully contested. G2 started to get impatient, and, that impatience was met by the stern hand of RNG when G2 attempted Baron and RNG stole it away from them, taking down four of the G2 players. RNG then moved to the enemy base while G2 was down to secure the Nexus.


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