The group stages of the League of Legends World Championships have concluded. After exciting games throughout the duration of the group stage of the world championships, the final eight for the knockout stages have been locked in.

The final eight teams are listed below:

  • SK telecom T1 (Group A, 5W, 1L)
  • Cloud9 (Group A, 3W, 3L)
  • Longzhu Gaming (Group B, 6W, 0L)
  • Fnatic (Group B, 4W, 4L)
  • Royal Never Give Up (Group C, 5W, 1L)
  • Samsung Galaxy (Group C, 4W, 2L)
  • Team WE (Group D, 5W, 1L)
  • Misfits (Group D, 4W, 3L)

With the graduates from each group locked, the quarterfinal matchups were announced shortly after and are as follows:

The first set of semifinal matches sees Royal Never Give Up take on the European side Fnatic, and SK Telecom T1 taking on Misfits, who also hail from Europe.

The second set of semifinal matches has Cloud9 facing Team WE, and Longzhu doing battle against Samsung Galaxy.

These matches will prove to be the most stressful, yet entertaining games as these teams fight for their tournament life, and more importantly, the title of World Champions.



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