The next big ARMS update will bring another new fighter! The new fighter, Misango, is a tribal warrior fights alongside a companion spirit.

After spending some time in the ARMS lab, we’ve learned a bit of what Misango can do. His unique ability makes use of his ghostly ally. Through fully charging his ARMS via dashing, jumping, or blocking, he can absorb his ally and turn it into one of three different buffs.

Utilizing this buff mechanic is the hardest challenge of playing Misango. The Nintendo Treehouse Log explains his abilities like this:

Absorbing the spirit is where things get a bit more complicated: see, the spirit rotates through three different colors in order—red, yellow, and blue—and which ability Misango obtains from the spirit depends on what color the spirit is at the time it’s absorbed.

If Misango absorbs the red spirit, he’ll don a mask with a small set of horns, which gives him the ability to resist flinching like Mechanica or Master Mummy. If he absorbs while it’s blue, he’ll get a mask with some wings, which gives him better mobility. And this one’s my favorite: if he absorbs the yellow spirit, he gets this spiky-looking mask and the ability to automatically block all incoming blows for a short period of time upon activating his rush combo (yeah, it’s hecka buff.)

He’s not exactly an easy fighter to learn, from how it sounds. But for players who can master his buffs, they have an incredibly versatile new character to enjoy.

When Patch 4.0 releases, three new ARMS will release alongside him: Scorpio, Glusher, and Skully. These new ARMS are his signature weapons. Each of them makes use of a brand new element: poison. As you’d guess, landing hits with them lets you inflict a damage-over-time status. A new stage, Temple Grounds, will also arrive in this patch.

ARMS is currently available for Nintendo Switch and will continue to receive free updates.

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