If you were looking for a Thanksgiving miracle, consider this! Bandai Namco, on their Twitter, just earlier today they announced a character that fans should be excited about to the anticipated Dragonball FighterZ‘s roster.

Yes, that’s right, the fusion powered Gotenks has joined the crew. Powered to SSJ3 in the above video he shows off a whole bunch of his super moves such as Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and his Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball Attack. As a famous on TV salesman once said, “But wait, There’s MORE!” Just a few hours ago the company also announced two more characters.

Miracles on Miracles for some fans. Kid Buu and Ultimate Gohan will now be available when the game launches. While we still have to wait another few months for Dragonball FighterZ, January 26th, there could still be more to come. Stay Tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for more information as it releases and for all your gaming news.

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