Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most acclaimed releases this year and the expansion, The Frozen Wilds, maintains the same outstanding quality that the core campaign set. The entire 15-hour adventure is full of fantastic quests, a large snowy area to explore, and some of the best, and most difficult, battles in the entire game. The Frozen Wilds adds extra Horizon Zero Dawn action and the only disappointing moment comes when you finish and have to wait for more.

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The story begins when you reach The City of the Sun. A young noble is disappointed that his father has forbidden him from following hunters after reports surfaced of dangerous new machines. Out of curiosity Aloy journeys to the new and finds out the stories were absolutely true.

You’ll explore a new mystery surrounding the Banuk tribe. A survival-focused nomadic tribe that places a lot of faith in traditions and honor. You learn that the land has been ravaged by a new type of corruption called the Daemonic Force which causes machines to become stronger, more aggressive, and is capable of healing them. Aloy’s curiosity and good-nature get the better of her and she decides to help the people of the region by exploring the source of the daemonic force.

It’s clear that Guerrilla Games did not shy aware from giving the expansion the same triple-a treatment that the main adventure did. Every mission, including the side-quest, provide new exciting challenges and areas to explore. More focus is put on platforming here with Aloy showcasing her training and hard work over the years. Missions do award you with experience and a new resource indigenous to the region called Bluegleam, it was the quest themselves that encouraged me to go out of my way.

Prepare for a Challenge

The Frozen Wilds isn’t easy, it’s the hardest portion of Horizon Zero Dawn. The game recommends that you enter the area at level 35 but even at level 50 I found myself easily overwhelmed by the daemonic possessed machines. The machines gain this added power through Control Towers that spread the toxic material and can be destroyed by crushing an exposed power source or hacked to stun all infected machines.

You won’t only fight existing machines but new creatures such as the Scorcher. This is one of many machines native to The Frozen Wilds and they’re formidable. The Scorcher alone is equipped with short, mid, and long range fire-based attacks and heavily armored weak points. Existing machines that you fought within the game’s core campaign become just as deadly when infected with the toxin.

A new talent tree is introduced to help those exploring the environment. Called Traveler this tree sports abilities that make gathering and riding much easier and faster. For those who already completed the campaign this tree is easily ignored but incredibly helpful for newcomers.

So Cold

What separates The Frozen Wilds from the rest of the game is the environment itself. While Aloy is no stranger to snow-covered areas The Frozen Wilds is absolutely beautiful, especially on the PS4 Pro. Snow dances in the wild, character’s skin are an icy blue color, and fire lights up the surrounding area. What completes the atmosphere is Aloy, who constantly tries to keep warm and bitterly tries to ignore the icy snowflakes falling on her skin.

The Frozen Wilds is a remarkable addition to an already outstanding game. It shares the same quality that the core campaign provided and gives veteran players challenging battles to overcome. The Traveler skill tree is a bit disappointing for those who already completed the game but this is a small issue. If you own a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn than you need to play The Frozen Wilds.

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds Review
The Pros
  • Beautiful Open World
  • Excellent Quests
  • Challenging Enemies
The Cons
  • Traveler Talent Tree
9Overall Score
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