This past weekend has truly provided some strange announcements for the fighting game community. The Ninja Turtles are now facing off against DC superheroes and super villains, and now, you’re telling me that a Final Fantasy character is in a Tekken game?

Seriously, it’s true. Final Fantasy XV‘s Noctis Lucis Caelum will step into the ring in Tekken 7. He will be joining Street Fighter‘s Akuma and Fatal Fury‘s Geese Howard as the next guest character in the game.

Noctis fights using his signature Engine Blade, alongside various other weapons. His move set also incorporates his warp strike ability. Now, instead of hunting monsters or fighting the Niflheim empire, you’ll get to see him take down Yoshimitsu, Devil Jin, Kuma, and various other Tekken fighters.

His character trailer is styled like a real Final Fantasy XV cutscene, before we’re dropped into the world of Tekken. We get a good taste of his gameplay, and man- he looks fun. He’s also got an unusual friendship with Lars; who’d have guessed?

Noctis will release in Spring 2018 as part of DLC 3. Geese Howard, the other surprise crossover DLC character, will launch some time in December.