The newest member of the Overwatch support squad is the extremely intelligent geneticist, Moira O’Deorain.  After showing off her new trailer at Blizzcon 2017, the Overwatch team has revealed her full story on Moira’s page.

After publishing a paper on a genetics program that could alter DNA at the cellular level, the public considered her unchecked desire and advancement at the same level of that which caused the Omnic Crisis.  While the rejection damaged her reputation, it created the opportunity to work with Overwatch’s covert ops team, Blackwatch, where she continued to work on her research as well as develop new weapons and technology.  While her participation was kept secret, she was let go after inquiries into the organization led to high ranking officials denying her affiliation with them. This led her to pursue other funding, which some believe is supported by Talon.








Biotic Grasp: Moria uses biotic energy in her left hand to heal her allies, and her right hand to shoot a long-range beam that reduces enemies’ health while recharging her healing energy.

Biotic Orb: Launches a sphere that can heal her allies and reduce her enemies health.

Fade: Moria can use this to teleport short distances.

Coalescence (Ultimate): A long-range beam that heals allies and delivers heavy damage to enemies.


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