Samsung Galaxy have beaten SK Telecom T1 3-0 in the League of Legends World Championships Finals to secure an incredible victory.

In the first game, Samsung Galaxy claimed the first tower at the 13 minute mark.

Ten minutes later, Crown secured First Blood against Peanut.

Samsung Galaxy finished match one with a 14.3k gold lead. Furthermore, SSG finished the game with 7 kills, whilst SKT were unable to get any kills for themselves, finishing the game with zero.

Game two was a bit more interesting, but it still went in the favour of Samsung Galaxy.

First blood was claimed by Faker’s Ryze in the later stages of the eighth minute on SSG’s Crown. SKT’s minion claimed SSG’s tower, the first of the game, at the 17 minute mark. SSG captured Baron twice, built up a solid economical lead and dismantled SKT’s defence, claiming eleven towers and three inhibitors before finally finishing SKT off. SSG finished with 9 kills as opposed to SKT’s 3.

The third and final game was a complete contrast from the first and second matches. First blood was found early on in the match, claimed in the third minute by Huni’s Trundle on CuVee’s Cho’Gath. Four minutes after, Huni claimed the first tower.

There were brawls throughout the match, and it made for a very entertaining watch as a spectator. It seemed to be very back and forth, and could have been SKT’s ticket back into the series. Unfortunately, due to individual error on behalf of some SKT players and a massive team fight that went in the favor of SSG after claiming Baron, they were able to do massive damage to SKT’s base and pried their base wide open, and eventually secured the Nexus and claimed the League of Legends World Championship.


Photo Credit: ESPN Esports

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