Team SoloMid have made a preseason change to their League of Legends roster by signing Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung to replace Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen in the jungle for the 2018 NA LCS Season.

MikeYeung is a hot prospect; he has shown great promise in his inaugural year in the LCS with Phoenix1. His performances with Phoenix1 played a large part in most of P1’s matches, most notably in the matches where they caused some upsets.

His performances earned him the title of the 2017 Rookie of the Split title for the North American LCS.

Upon joining Team SoloMid, MikeYeung made a statement to the TSM website, “I’m really excited for this new opportunity with TSM. I believe that working with a top team like TSM will allow me to reach my ambitious goal of becoming an undisputed world class jungler.” 

TSM has also stated that Svenskeren is still under contract and an update on the player’s future will be provided when possible.


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