The trailer for Injustice 2‘s final three DLC fighters is here. We’ve got The Atom, Enchantress, and… the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?! Yes, you read correctly. It’s turtle time now in NetherRealm’s DC superhero and super villain brawl, cowabunga!

The Atom and Enchantress have some strong hype, of course. However, the trailer’s show stealer was the arrival of the heroes in a half-shell. Like Hellboy in the previous DLC pack, they’re non-DC comic crossover characters.

Their gameplay mechanics are currently unknown. Will they function as a single character? Or will they use a unique tag battle mechanic? We’ll need to wait and see for more.

The Atom and Enchantress are interesting picks as well. The Atom’s abilities give him potential for interesting grabs and mix-ups, while Enchantress’s magic should make for another projectile-heavy fighter.

The Atom will be available for early access on December 12. The other characters, however, have no release dates announced.

Now that we know all nine of Injustice 2‘s DLC fighters, we can now weigh in. How did you like NetherRealm’s character picks this time? Who was snubbed? What characters surprised you? Let us know!