We will be ranking players all season long based on stats, team performance and maybe some arbitrary personal preferences. The most recent tournaments will be more heavily weighted, but past performances will not be ignored. Join us for the inaugural edition of our CWL Pro Player Power Rankings, and keep the conversation going in the comments below.

1. Accuracy – Team Kaliber

No surprises here as the MVP of CWL Dallas opens our rankings in the top spot. Accuracy led the field with an amazing 87.15 Hardpoint time per map, more than seven seconds clear of second place. He may have even changed the meta by swapping out Quickdraw for Long Barrell on his FG, expect more players to follow suit.

2. Tommey – Splyce

The EU favorites look even more dangerous with the addition of Tommey, who tore up OpTic with an insane 12-3 S&D game in the Loser’s Finals.

3. FormaL – OpTic

FormaL was arguably the best player in the world at the end of the IW season, and he picked up right where he left off in Dallas. FormaL’s 1.22 KD was good for 5th overall.

4. Crimsix – OpTic

The Crimbot looks to be programmed specifically for WW2, a 1.31 KD in Search kept OpTic afloat.

5. Chino – Team Kaliber

It seems like the feel-good stories of TK overcoming their past and Cheen finally winning have covered up just how filthy this guy was all weekend. Chino was 3rd overall in kills per map at 25.9.

6. MadCat – Splyce

MadCat’s consistency will keep him in the MVP discussion for every deep Splyce run this season.

7. SlasheR – EnVy

There were always going to be some growing pains for the revamped EnVy squad, but SlasheR showed up ready and led the field in overall KD at 1.31. His frightening 1.68 KD in Search also led Dallas. We know the gun skill is there, next he must prove he can organize EnVy in a boots game.

8. Attach – FaZe

The reports of FaZe’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Attach led FaZe on an unbelievable run, the longest in Open Bracket history, to finish top 4.

9. Kenny – Team Kaliber

This might be a bit high right now, but the hype is real for the most aggressive player we have seen since BO2 Scump. Kenny was grabbing two pieces so far outside the Hardpoint, making life easy for his TK teammates in the hill. Once he figures out how to play CTF, lookout.

10. Saints – Echo Fox

We knew Saints and Gunless could slay with the best of them, which Is why it was so surprising to see EF struggle in the 2Ks. Saints got back in form on LAN and led the tournament with 26.5 kills per map.

11. Replays – Faze

Ok, not even relatives of Replays thought he would be 7th overall in KD at Dallas. But the returning veteran put on a masterclass in CTF all weekend, the tactical boots gameplay is a perfect match.

12. Dashy – E6

The complete opposite of Replays, Dashy showed off his twitchy reflexes to finish second in KD, Kills per map and S&D KD. E6 was one of the more disappointing teams, however, failing to make it out of pools before finishing top 12. E6 needs to figure out how to turn Dashy’s skill into map wins.

13. Scump – OpTic

The internet was on the brink of a meltdown when a glitch accidentally showed Scump’s KD to be under 1.0, which would’ve been a first in years. This still wasn’t the type of performance we expect from Scump, but he actually finished at 1.02 and was near the top of the leaderboards in hill time and Kills per Map. Expect the notoriously slow starter to remind everyone what he can do in New Orleans.

14. Octane – Luminosity

Much like Dashy and E6, Luminosity could not translate Octane’s slaying into victories. Octane will go into CWL New Orleans hoping for a better team performance, but no one can argue his snappy gun skill isn’t world class.

15. Aqua – Rise Nation

Rise’s Uplink coordination transferred to CTF nicely and it helps when Aqua can slay everything in sight. Aqua had an impressive 1.37 CTF KD, and when you factor in his S&D play as well, Rise will be a tough out all season long.

16. Shockz – Mindfreak

It looked to be the same old story for Mindfreak after another winless pool play, but Shockz caught fire in S&D to lead the Australians over EG and Epsilon in Loser’s. Maybe Mindfreak can build on this.

Honorable Mentions

Arcitys – eUnited, Prestinni – eUnited, Assault – Echo Fox, Temp – EnVy, Zer0 – Red Reserve, Bance – Splyce, Jurd – Splyce, Parasite – Ground Zero, Seany – UNILAD, John – Luminosity

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