In just a few weeks, Christmas, the eggnog-iest, cookie-eating-iest, gift-giving-iest holiday of the year, will be upon us. There is a fine line between great and terrible gifts and sometimes, it’s hard to pick one up for the nerdy kid/grown-ass man that is in your life. Sometimes, Aunt Minerva and Uncle Fred just doesn’t know what to buy their gaming niece or nephew. Maybe you have a gamer gf/bf and you don’t quite know what to get them. Well, fret not, Gamer Assault Weekly has a way to make sure your holiday is filled with Christmas Cheer and not Christmas Jeer. Let’s get started with some games, shall we?


Open World

Open World games are for the type of gamer that could spend hours exploring these expansive games. They revolve around big adventure, both with the main story but also with tons of side quests, secrets areas, and the go anywhere and do anything type of mentality. These type of games usually have 40+ hours of gameplay. If this sounds like the gamer you are buying for, here are a few that came out this year.

Assassin’s Creed Origins (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
Price: 59.99
Although this is the 10th game in the series, Assassin’s Creed Origins is where it all began for the order of the Assassin’s League that we know so well. The player controls Bayek, a man living in Modern-Ancient Egypt (when the Egyptians and Greeks were becoming friendly) whose son was murdered by an undercover menace in Egypt. He takes his revenge while exploring all of Eygpt. This game is just a fun, little, violent run through history. Bayek is a memorable character for this series and, as someone who is 28/29 hours in, the game continues to get better. Definitely, a must-have for any gamer that was a fan of the first few games in the series.

Check out the full review here (9/10)

Horizon Zero Dawn (PlayStation 4)
Price: Around $40.00
Don’t let the odd name fool you, Horizon Zero Dawn has received top marks this year. This takes place after humanity has a fight with their own AI War creations. Guess what: we lost, and were sort of bombed back to the Stone Age, or at least the Bronze Age. You play as a highly capable, strong, and independent warrior, Aloy. She sets off on an adventure against all odds, evil raiders, and robot dinosaurs. Horizon Zero Dawn should be purchased for all types of gamers but if they love open world adventures, this is the game they need to play. Not only is there a base game, its first expansion, The Frozen Wilds, came out. So, after putting in nearly 50 hours, they can play another 15 hours or so. 

Check out the full review here (9.5/10) and the expansion review here (9/10)

Super Mario Odyessy (Nintendo Switch)
Price: $59.99
If you aren’t familiar with Mario by now, then you should hand this list off to someone else that can buy the games, you should stick to the sweater and socks gifts. Nintendo is going strong and has just released the newest adventure for Mario. In Odyssey, Nintendo has created the biggest area for Mario to explore. While this might not be a traditional open world, the game is still expansive and takes players a long time to actually complete. Also, Mario has a number of side quests and random places to explore, so I will say this counts. Anyway, if your gamer has been a fan of Nintendo and Mario before, this is an excellent throwback to him/her. However, this is also the perfect way to introduce your kid (if you are the parent buying) into the world of Mario.


Games that fall into this category is vast but can be as different as night and day but the name should be somewhat self-explanatory. Action/Adventure titles are usually single-player games that had a little of both action and adventure. They promise fun and interesting storylines mixed in with combat, adventure, and problem-solving situations.

Cuphead: Don’t Deal With the Devil (Xbox One, PC)
Price: $29.99
Cuphead is a downloadable game only, so when you walk into Gamestop for this one, they may just hand you a card with special number sequence for your gamer to input on their system. While that might sound complicated, trust me- your gamer knows what they are doing. Cuphead is a wonderfully infuriating game. Don’t misunderstand me, the game is incredible, but it is very hard to play. Some gamers may give up, but for those determined, the game is very worthwhile. The game models the old 1930’s rubber hose animation; it was all hand drawn as well. The game has what they call couch co-op (having someone play with you in the same room). Your gamer(s) will absolutely appreciate all the artwork that went into this game as they are yelling in frustration.

Check out the full review here (10/10)

Gravity Rush 2 (PlayStation 4)
Price: $39.99
Gravity Rush 2 came out very early on this year and slipped through some of the bigger titles that overshadowed it. If your gamer is in that Japanese anime life that you know very little about, you can surprise them with some fast knowledge by presenting this. The core mechanic of the game is gravity manipulation, which makes for clever and interesting puzzles- not to mention, the fun fighting style the game hits the players with. I won’t bore you with the elaborate storyline this game presents, however, as Kat, her partner Raven, and a police officer named Syd, you’ll get sucked into a gravitational vortex that transports you into a new world.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
Price: $59.99
Wolfenstein actually had brought up kind of a little controversy when it came out. Bethesda (the gaming company) has updated the game since its 1981 debut and given a truly violent, amazing, action-adventure first-person shooter game. The game is set in an alternate history where Nazis won WWII and America is very different. It is a fast-paced, wild ride that continues to get rave reviews. The gameplay changes depending on some of the choices you make so players are kept glued to the storyline. The action speaks for itself and needs to be a gift for a gamer that loves to just blow stuff up.

Check out the full review here (8/10)


Shooter games come in two different versions; Third Person, the over the shoulder view, and First Person, you see as the character you play with. While usually on the more violent side of the gaming industry, they still serve their purpose for many gamers, they are great at getting out some aggression. These games are (with a few exceptions) multiplayer games. So, you know, your gamer can have some fun yelling at people they don’t know through a microphone.

Call of Duty: World War II (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
Price $59.99
Every year Call of Duty presents their new shooter just before the holidays (usually in November), and this year was no different. This year, it takes place during World War II and the series has gone back to basics. The new weapons and abilities are gone and gamers are brought back to simpler times. The single player part of this game might fall by the wayside for more gamers, but the multiplayer aspect will keep them entertained for hours. If this series is something your gamer is a fan of, then it is a no-brainer. However, hold off if it isn’t something you are hearing them yammer on about. Chances are, they have a different FPS in mind.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) (PC, Xbox One)
Price: $29.99
This game has been on the circuit for some time now on the PC. It is one of the most watched games on Twitch (a  streamer service) and has sold over 20 million copies. You are a random character that is thrown into 100 player free-for-all battle royale. The map is sprinkled with guns, armor, and other equipment that you need to scavenge for to come out on top. You will look infinitely cooler if you hand your gamer the Download Code in a card this year for Christmas.



Hardware can be tricky for a buyer that may not know exactly whey are looking for. These are products that can enhance your gamer experience with their games. Here, at Gamer Assault Weekly, we want to make sure all gamers get the best equipment they can, but we also understand the need to save money. So let us show you some new hardware to present as presents this Christmas.

SNES Classic
Price: Around $150

This bad boy might be hard to get your hands on, but some major retailers still have plenty. Walmart, Target, Amazon, even Gamestop might have a few. Nintendo collected 21 of their greatest Super Nintendo games and put it all on one machine. It is a great buy for an older gamer that wants to share the experience they had with their kids or someone just loves to live out their nostalgic gamer days. It also comes with 2 controllers. For those looking to go back further in time, the NES Classic is the same premise, but has some of the best selling original 1985 Nintendo system.

Super Miniboss for SNES Classic Edition
Price: $19.99

Designed to complement the retro style and feel of the console, Super Miniboss enables cord-free gameplay up to 20 feet away so you can sit back and enjoy some of the best games ever made from the comfort of your couch. It even features a turbo button for fast inputs for shoot ’em ups and fighting games.

Elgato Stream Deck
Price: $149.95

Stream Deck is a professional-studio-grade controller that allows content creators to better manage their live broadcasts. Using Stream Deck’s simple 15 LCD key setup, creators can easily switch screens, launch media, send tweets, and set up over 200 additional actions. With custom integrations with popular software such as OBS Studio and Game Capture, an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and customizable setup, Stream Deck allows content creators to focus on their game and better engage with their audience.

Charge Block for Switch
Price: $19.99

Utilizing Nyko’s patented Drop and Charge design, you can conveniently store and charge your console controllers with ease. No more low battery alerts during extended gaming sessions. Gamers who own multiple consoles can take advantage of the USB pass-through port so they can mix and match controller charging while only using one AC outlet.

A Gaming Headset (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)
Price: $25 – $99.99+

A good headset, in online gaming, can be the difference between life and death. It isn’t anything that dramatic but to a gamer it very much is. Buying headsets can be tricky. There are plenty of decent ones for around $25, like the Sades Spirit Wolf. However, if you are buying for a serious gamer, you may want to show up with a better quality one, they will thank you for it. Brand names like Turtle Beach, HyperX, or Razor will definitely make them love you a little more. Below are links to three of their major top line sets.

Nintendo Switch Power Pak
Price: 39.99

The Power Pak for the Nintendo Switch allows  you to keep playing after the internal battery on your Nintendo Switch runs out. Power Pak will provide up to double the battery life and keeps you going when you’re away from your dock or power source.

Gaming Keyboard
Price: $25 – $99.99

Much like the headsets, a good gaming keyboard, is just as important to a gamer as having a cold can of Mountain Dew Code Red on hand. Also, like the headsets, they vary in price. So do yourself a favor and choose one of the better name brand ones. There is nothing worse than having your main source of movement crap out on you in the middle of an important match. Below are a few choices that can help you make your gift giving adventure a whole lot easier.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you clueless buyers out there. Remember, you can always get a gift card for Xbox, PlayStation 4, or PC (through Steam). Have a great holiday season and may your days be Merry and Bright. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Gamer Assault Weekly!

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