Merry Christmas Dear Readers! The 25th of December marks a special day for many people all over the world (Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy Yule to others, and Happy Festivus for the rest of us). While you have only a day left many people are already celebrating. On that special day though, many kids (and adults) will rush to the tree in their house, looking to see what a jolly, fat elf has secretly crept into their homes via the chimney to give them, and wildly ripping open gift after gift. So with that magic in the air, we asked some of your favorite GAW staffers, “If you could have any video game item/weapon from any game universe for your Christmas Gift, what would it be and why?”

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Resident Grinch & Krampus Worshiper

So like, any item or weapon? Wow, ok, I think I handle this. This is tough because do I do the ever famous ‘Fairie in a Glass Bottle’ from Legend of Zelda, just in case  I die I can come back to life, at least once. That might come in handy or just for fun on a cool bet. That’s a pretty morbid gift for a Xmas present though. I guess that rules out my second choice of Death’s Scythes from Darksiders II. Imagine the damage I could do with those. Alright, I think I have a much more fun choice.

Imagine waking up on Xmas morning, opening the box, and inside you pull out The Portal Gun from Portal. Being able to blast out an orange and blue portal to travel faster, jump higher, and…um, solve puzzles. It would have to come with that physics-defying jumpsuit. This way my bones don’t crush and my organs fall out landing at high speed or landing after a high altitude jump. Either way, I could have a very merry Xmas using my portals all across town. Doing a bit of ‘extra shopping’ at closed stores. If you catch my meaning.

Vanessa Marie
Chief Executive Officer/Gift Giver/Doesn’t Take Her Tree Down Until March 

With my recent PUBG love it’s hard for me to want something outside of PUBG but there is one thing that I’ve had on my birthday list, my Christmas list, my Easter list, every list ever and I still haven’t gotten it. I was and continue to be a really big Gears of War fan and one weapon I’d love to have is a replica of the Lancer. There is no other weapon as beasty as the Lancer with its chainsaw. One of my favorite things in the game was getting into chainsaw battles with other players, it was so fun. I’ve gotten to see a few of them from cosplay friends, but finding a really good quality replica lancer is tough, they are not cheap.
Going back to my initial thought with PUBG, I would also like a level 3 helmet. I have a replica Warlock helmet from Destiny and I think adding a level 3 PUBG helmet to my collection would be a really cool addition.
Allen Saunders
Editorials and Reviews Manager/ Totally Didn’t Spike The Egg Nog/ Yes I Did 😉
Dude, if I was to go back to when I was younger and wake up all ecstatic on Christmas to run to the living room and hope to open that one perfect gift. The one thing I always wanted to get from a video game, hands down, the lancer from Gears of War. The sound of the chainsaw revving, the satisfaction of slicing my enemies into bits. The freaking versatility of it man.  Locked door? I got it! Need some lumber cut? I am all over it. Reptile-like aliens trying to take over the surface world? I’ll load a fresh clip. The gift that keeps on giving!
Wait… I just remembered the hook thing from Mirror’s Edge that lets you pull yourself to high places and swing between buildings. Nah, screw it pass me the Lancer.
Jonah R.
esports Manager/Completes RuneScape Christmas Events To Get Into The Holiday Spirit
Christmas down under is a complete contrast to the stereotypical Christmas. Instead of snow and hot chocolate, we depicted Santa Claus as a big bearded fella being pulled on a broken down ute by a pack of dingoes. Instead of his cup of cocoa and cookies, we’d leave Santa some beer in the fridge and, when I got slightly older, we’d offer him a cheeky neat scotch in hopes that we would get better presents. On top of all of that, my dad would make footprints out of baby powder and made it look like ol’ mate Mr. Claus walked in and out of the door.
There are a few items and weapons from video games that I would not mind having. I wouldn’t mind having a Rune Platebody from RuneScape. Back in the day, when quests were rather minimal compared to the current day, having a Rune Platebody in the free-to-play worlds was a symbol of achievement. In order to be capable of wearing one of the coveted platebodies, you needed to have had 40 Defence, as well as the completion of a quest called ‘Dragon Slayer.’ Completing a quest such as Dragon Slayer was an incredible feat for a free player in both newer and veteran status. So, let’s assume I did that so I could wear the armor in real life.
Without a detailed explanation, I’d also absolutely take the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series, a Poke Ball, or I’d take the hoverbike from Saints Row III.
Lexie Proctor
Review and Editorials Writer/Thinks the Only Thing Good About Christmas is the Steam Sale and Baked Goods
Choosing an item is the easiest thing I’ve ever done… A Pokéball containing a starter Pokemon. I would do anything to receive a little Torchic and raise it into a Blaziken. That Pokemon fits my personality absolutely perfectly! I’d settle for a Charmander or Cyndaquil, though. Really any fire type would suit me pretty well  (it’s a redhead thing).  Any serious Pokémon trainer knows that you can’t just obtain a third evolution Pokemon and expect it to be in sync with you. I’m basically a beginner trainer, so I’d definitely want to start out with the starter. Then I’d have time to build a partnership with my Torchic, evolve it into a confident Combusken, and then a fearsome Blaziken.
If I can’t have a Pokémon, I’d probably like an ocarina. Since I have a horse, it would be pretty rad to have something that could call my horse and summon her from where ever she is. My horse is kind of a jerk and doesn’t really care about anyone, so most of the time you call her and she barely looks at you. She’s more a cat than a horse, to be honest. If I ever got thrown off while trail riding and she took off, BOOM, ocarina time. It would also be a nifty tool for other things like warping certain places. I’d have one song for work, one song for home, one song for the barn, and one song that would probably warp me to Olive Garden. A girl needs to get her grub on!
Noah Dominguez
Jr. Staff Writer/Favorite Christmas Movie is Batman Returns
You can’t exactly go wrong with the Outsider’s Mark from the Dishonored series and the powers that come with them. Who wouldn’t want the ability to immediately teleport to another spot, temporarily stop time, see through walls, or pick up objects that are far away? Plus, these powers are granted to you by an awesome-looking occult tattoo,
However, if I had to pick something a bit more tangible, I’d have to go with a couple of full-stocked Nuka-Cola machine from Fallout. Especially considering all the various new flavors of Nuka-Cola that were introduced in Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC. I’m willing to bet that the stuff would give our real-life soda companies a run for their money. Plus, even once the soda is all gone, I’d still have an awesome decoration that also functions as a refrigerator!
Christopher Taylor
Review and Editorials Writer/Guy who forgets it’s Christmas until the ‘Merry Christmas’ texts begin overloading his phone
Sheogorath’s Wabbajack from the Elderscrolls would make the ultimate gift for the holidays. It will randomly cause fire, frost, shock or some other detrimental or potentially something beneficial to the target. The Wabbajack can also transform the target into a chicken, cow, rabbit; or in my unfortunate case, a Dremora that would be very hostile. The level of havoc that I would undertake is definitely a good reason I won’t be receiving it for the holidays.
 A more realistic (less fun for me but better for my neighbors) gift would be any number of cars from my Need for Speed garage. Such cars include, but are not limited to, a Nissan GTR, Corvette ZR1, Mustang GT or the ‘piece de resistance’ my fully customized Toyota GT86. Such a gift would keep me tuning, modding and driving my dream machine, which would mean less time plotting the annoyance of those around me. My neighbors and the local PD will have the utmost gratitude.
Bob Crumley
Reviews and Editorials Director/Eats too many holiday cookies and pies
Which item from a game I’d like under the tree? For me it’s a no-brainer, I’m going for the Portal Gun like John. Being able to open a portal to anywhere, from anywhere would be immensely powerful. I could go anywhere at any time, and quite probably I’d end up creating and leaving one set of portals to get back and forth between significant places. Pay for a plane trip once, and then have instant re-access at any time in the future! Who wouldn’t love that? I could make a portal at home, and one at my girlfriend’s place in another state without worrying about being unable to see her for a month at a time.
If I had to pick one thing that isn’t already mentioned, I’d probably go with Mr. Handy from Fallout 4. Having a robotic personal assistant would be amazing! I’d have it do my grocery shopping, clean my place, do my laundry, and take care of all the little things I just don’t wanna do. Plus, if an intruder tries to break into my house, I’ve got a robot with a saw for an arm! I don’t think they’d get away with very many items.
What would you like under your tree if you had the same rules? Tell us in the comments below and have yourselves a Very Mery Christmas too!

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