Miles Morales has been a constant subject when discussing Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4. Trailers showing off the Mr. Negative, Peter Parker, and even the developers of the game but Miles has been more of a side character, until now. When speaking to GamesTM’s magazine Creative Director, Bryan Intihar, stated that Morales’ involvement has grown since then.

Bryan Intihar stated:

“Miles didn’t start out with as big of a role as he has now. But as we started doing more research on the character, I went back and just started reading more and more and more. I’ll be honest, I just fell in love with the character. Just like MJ can provide a different perspective on the world, I thought Miles and his relationship to Peter brings something different…Miles is younger than Peter, and what they experience, and how they get into each other’s live is pretty unique. I said off the bat that we wanted to make a unique Spider-Man universe, one that obviously takes cues from the comics and movies, but also does something unique and different…I’m pretty excited about him and where we take him. It’s going to be something. It’s going to surprise people.”

When speaking about gameplay:

“Two of the things we’ve been working on are the sense of speed and adding a lot more variety to our animations. So you’ll see more of the classic poses that you’ve seen from the comics, but also just a lot more flair and sense of style. This is a concrete jungle gym that he is flying through. We obviously want to have a level of accessibility, but then also some skill in it. Since this is Spider-Man eight years later, there’s a sense of experience with Peter doing this…There should be a sense of expression in his movement, and that’s something we keep adding on.”

It would seem that Miles will play a role in the game’s story. If the game does well maybe Insomniac might consider adding him to the playable roster in a future game. As we’ve seen in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions it’s possible to have different versions of the Web Crawler with mixed gameplay elements highlighting each Spider-Man’s style.  

Spider-Man PS4 is in development for PS4.

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