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I wanted to take a moment to look back at 2017 for Gamer Assault Weekly. It has been a challenging year but the team and site has overcome so much. The year started out a little rough, there were a lot of staff changes, promotions, and we lost a couple of people. Nonetheless, we were able to give people at the site an opportunity to grow and lead. We promoted from within and now have a growing team of amazing people who dedicate a large part of their time to the website outside of their day  jobs and lives. I am forever grateful to have so many hard working people on this team. It never ceases to amaze me how much we get done in a years time. 

This year we were able to expand our Community Development Team, led by Alina, to give our readers and followers more posts, more consistently. In 2016 one of our goals was to grow our Esports coverage and we’ve been able to accomplish that. Through the efforts of our Esports team we’ve been able to expand our coverage scope to include esports news, event coverage, and editorials. We were even able to attend more Esports events this year including Dreamhack Austin and ESL Dallas. In addition to the esport events the staff jet set off to other conventions across the US including PAX South, PAX East, PAX West, E3, NYCC, and a handfull of smaller conventions in our areas. These cons prove to be some of the best times for us because we’re able to bond as a team, while growing our own outreach individually. 

In 2017 we also grew our Stream Team and launched a new podcast – The GAWCast. On Twitch our Stream Team has been live 6 days a week providing fun gaming entertainment for our viewers. We were able to become Twitch Affiliates this year due to their consistent streams and efforts. We are really proud of the Stream Team for all working so hard to create a fun channel for our viewers. The GAWCast was launched late 2017 and has been quite the success so far. With 7 podcasts published so far we are really excited to see how this podcast will grow over the next year. 

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the website this year. This includes our sponsors, affiliates, and of course my staff. I am so proud of the work we’ve done and after 5 years of Gamer Assault Weekly, it never stops being a fun and rewarding job. 

Here’s to 2018!

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Vanessa Marie
Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. 


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Vanessa is the Founder/CEO of Gamer Assault Weekly, LLC. She is an active member of the industry having worked with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ubisoft, id Software, and CSA. She spends her time working on the site, attending as many gaming conventions as she can, and playing with friends on all systems.