Xbox players recently got a taste of the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and as a somewhat seasoned player (575 hours logged on PC) I wanted to share some tips and tricks for starting out in Erangle.

Is Pochinki Your City?

For many the starting map might seem a bit daunting. With several large cities and smaller drop points, finding the right place to drop can be rough until you learn the map. As a beginner, playing within the larger cities will expose you to more gun engagements than landing in a smaller house grouping outside of the city. Locations such as School and Pochinki offer a higher player traffic whereas Farm and Gatka are lower traffic.

Because it is expected to get heated in the city the loot available within city buildings tends to be a bit more abundant than it would be in a smaller location. Grab the first pistol or shotgun you see as a starter weapon and work your way through the buildings. It is important to pay attention to where other players dropped in relation to your location because as you loot you could be inching your way closer to danger. Staying highly vigilant as you move from building to building and using your ears to hear whether someone is nearby will ultimately help you stay alive.

Experiment with several different drop locations and find the place that best fits your play style. If you prefer the slower game staying outside of the city is your place, if you want instant action dropping in those large cities are a guaranteed fight.

Learn Your Weapons 

There are several different weapon options you have in the game and a lot of learning the weapons will come down to what you prefer. If you love to sit at the top of a hill and take enemies out with a sniper the SKS or Kar98 will be excellent options. Equip those with a 4x or 8x scope and you are set. Not all players are snipers though, I personally love a mid-range gun so the M16 or Mini-14 offer quick unloading while still giving you distance between you and the enemy. Sometimes you just end up in a close quarter battle with a player where you need an automatic gun so equipping an M416 or a SCAR-L would be good options.

Know that you will not always be the best with every gun. Find the weapon that you feel good with and learn how it handles. For instance, the AKM without a compensator has a lot of recoil that will affect where and how you aim. Also know that new weapons are being added to the game so take some time to pick those weapons up and just see how they work.

What Loot is the Best Loot?

When it comes to loot there are a few essentials. Starting out it is important to locate a vest and helmet, these will increase your chance of surviving your first fire fight. Level 1 gear is good, but equipping level 2 or even 3 if you are lucky will provide more protection against incoming bullets.

Grenades, stun grenades, and smoke grenades are good to have in your backpack. Smoke grenades will offer you some cover and protection to escape a tight situation. Stun grenades will provide a blinding flash to enemies that will render them useless. Grenades, however, are the most important of the three. Grenades can be used in several different ways, you can throw grenades through windows if an enemy is upstairs in a house. Grenades can also be used to push someone out of cover, if an enemy is at a nearby rock throwing a grenade to the right side of the rock will force the player to move to the left where you can then take them out. If you are lucky enough to land in the last circle and are prone but know a general direction the enemy is at you can throw a few grenades in that general direction which can down or kill the enemy player or at the very least force them to get up and move.

While looting, finding attachments is also important and the attachments you choose to pickup depends on your preferred weapon layout. If you prefer to run an AR and a sniper rifle collecting just those pieces will save space in your backpack. If you want to run an SMG finding and collecting those attachments will be your main goal. Either way, knowing what attachments are needed for the weapons you want to use will help you pick and choose what you need to collect. There is no reason to keep an UZI stock in your bag when you don’t have that weapon or any of your squad mates need it.

Scopes and sights will also be very useful attachments. 2, 4, and 8 time scopes can be collected as you loot and attached to your weapons to help you aim down the sights. With scopes its important to learn how to use them properly. You are able to zero in on your enemy by adjusting the zeroing distance.You can learn zeroing distance by first knowing where you are and where the enemy is on the map. When you look at the map each square is 100 meters, so if you are 4 squares away from the enemy you can adjusting your zeroing distance to 400 meters. Also take into consideration the bullet drop rates, each sniper has a different drop rate so practice with them until you are comfortable with how the drop rate affects your scopes positioning.

Lastly, don’t underestimate band-aids! Collecting health and boost as you loot is important to your survival. Med kits, first aid, bandages, painkillers, and energy drinks are essential. Having at least one first-aid, 5 bandages, 1 painkiller, and 1 energy drink is the minimum you should have on you at all times. Finding a med kit is great but not always necessary if you have the others and having extra of any of them is great. Understanding how the yellow booster bar above your life bar works is also important. It is broken into 4 sections, the first section provides slow healing, the second offers faster healing. If you boost to the third bar it provides faster healing plus a 25% movement bonus which means you run faster and if you are fully boosted it provides faster healing plus a 35% movement boost. These will come in handy if you need to run quickly into a zone, or if you’re in a heated battle and need to replenish your health.

Pay Attention to the Map

The map and blue zone are imperative to your survival. Often times we get caught up in looting because we are finding just the best gear in the game and that’s exciting. What’s not exciting is losing all of that gear because you died outside of the play-zone because you didn’t pay attention to where the circle is in relation to where you are on the map. Being aware of the blue zone timer is important, the timer at the top of the map will let you know how much time you have to loot the area you are in. When the timer gets down to zero the blue zone starts to close in on the circle and you will either end up inside the safe zone or outside of it where you will have less time to make your way to safety.

Backpack Management (Sharing is Caring)

When it comes to backpacks, the bigger the bag the more you can carry. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to have a full bag. Filling your bag when you are looting is okay so long that its full of the essential items we listed above first. Carrying extra ammo or parts for your squad mates is great, just make sure you take a moment to regroup with your team and distribute the items you don’t need to carry. Knowing what weapons you have and the ammo you will need is important to backpack management. For instance, you will need to carry less sniper rounds versus AR rounds if you plan to use that AR on burst mode or full auto.

Have Fun!

Lastly, have fun. You’re going to get frustrated and you are going to end up in crap situations where there is no escape and that’s okay. Take your time with the game, understand the mechanics, learn how weapons work, drop points, and stay properly equipped and you will get far. And if you know you are just stuck in the blue zone with no escape, grab the nearest bike and start doing flips off the mountains and over buildings. There is a lot of fun to be had in the game so good luck on the battlefield, you’ll be on your way to a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in no time!


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