Atlus’s Persona game development team, now Studio Zero, has quietly been hard at work on a brand new orthodox fantasy game project, Project Re Fantasy. Now that it’s been a year since the original reveal of Project Re Fantasy, Atlus has decided to keep us updated with a brand new concept video.

If the art in the concept video is an indicator of how this project will look, Atlus’s vision of a high-fantasy world is incredibly promising. We see dragon riders, magic, armor, monster-pulled carriages, and more: it’s a start to an interesting magical world.

We also see some fancy live-action shots of different RPG classes, like clerics, knights, mages, and more. However, each of the characters seems to be subtitled with something quite grim. The Warrior’s aspiration, for example, is to “cease to exist.” Just what could this mean?

There’s also a quirky gag video that accompanies this. Meet our “knight” in action in this video here!

Currently, Project Re Fantasy is early in development. We don’t know long it could take to finish. For all we know, this game might have a cycle as long as- if not longer- than Persona 5.

Atlus’s Studio Zero is also developing an enhanced port of Catherine. For more information, please read here.

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