The ASUS Republic of Gamers Masters 2017 has concluded.

Eight teams had to fight through the qualification rounds in their domestic region before being invited to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to play in the finals.

Splyce were the only North American representation at the tournament, whilst the Asian Pacific region boasted two representatives, in the form of 5POWER and Greyhound Gaming. TyLoo represented China, whilst Gambit and mousesports represented Europe. Unfortunately, mousesports withdrew from the tournament, and Vega Squadron were invited in their place.

Gambit, Splyce, and 5POWER were put into Group A, whilst Greyhound, Vega Squadron and TyLoo were placed into Group B.

The group stage matches were played with best of two series in a round robin format. The top team in each group advanced straight to the semifinals, whilst the second and third-placed teams would qualify for the quarterfinals.

Group A started with Gambit vs. 5POWER. Gambit won both games, winning 16-2 on Overpass and 16-13 on Cache. In the next match, Splyce came up against 5POWER, and, the North Americans cruised to victory in the best of two series, winning 16-7 on Cache and 16-8 on Train.

The two heavyweights of the group, Gambit, and Splyce, went head to head in the third and final best of two series of Group A. The series ended 1-1, with Gambit taking Mirage in overtime, ending the map with a 19-16 scoreline, and Splyce taking Nuke 16-8.

The two sides were forced to play a tiebreaker to determine the number one and number two seeding in Group A. Gambit won the tiebreaker, closing out Mirage with a 16-10 scoreline to secure first place in their group. Splyce had finished second, whilst 5POWER finished last.

Group B’s opening match saw the Australian side Greyhound Gaming go toe to toe with Vega Squadron. The Australians won the series 2-0, recording a 16-11 win on Overpass and a 16-10 win on Mirage.

The next match, Tyloo vs. Vega Squadron, was a split series that saw TyLoo take Inferno with a 16-10 scoreline. Vega Squadron bounced back and was able to take Train rather comfortably, winning 16-5.

Greyhound’s next match was against TyLoo. The best of two series between the Australian and Chinese side was intense, but ultimately the Australians were able to come out on top with a 2-0 record, winning Overpass 16-13, and winning Inferno 19-17 to conclude their group stage run with a perfect score.

Vega Squadron won the tiebreaker with TyLoo 16-12 on Mirage to secure themselves a second place finish in the group stage.

The first quarterfinal match saw Vega Squadron take on 5POWER in a best of three series. The maps selected were Overpass, Cache, and Inferno. Vega Squadron beat 5POWER with ease on Overpass, closing out the map with a 16-8 scoreline. Cache was heavily contested between the two sides. Ultimately, Vega Squadron was able to beat 5POWER with a 16-14 scoreline to book themselves a place in the semifinals against Gambit.

Splyce took on TyLoo in the second quarterfinal matchup. This series stretched across all three maps, which were Train, Cobblestone, and Cache. Splyce were able to secure Train, closing out the map with a 16-13 scoreline. TyLoo bounced back in an emphatic fashion and closed out Cobblestone with a 16-6 scoreline. The third and final map, Cache, was heavily contested. TyLoo were able to come out on top, winning 16-13. The Chinese side secured the best of three series with a 2-1 scoreline, and also secured a match up against Greyhound in the semifinals.

The Gambit and Vega Squadron match lasted the duration of the best of three, which consisted of the maps Overpass, Mirage, and Cache. The first map went in favor of Vega Squadron with a 16-10 scoreline. Gambit secured Mirage 16-12 to level the series 1-1. Cache was a blowout, with Gambit securing the map with a 16-1 scoreline to secure a spot in the finals.

The second match, Greyhound vs. TyLoo, also spanned across all three maps, which were Overpass, Cobblestone, and Inferno. The entire series was heavily contested. Greyhound had secured the first map, Overpass, with a 16-11 scoreline. TyLoo then went on to secure Cobblestone 16-14 to level the series. TyLoo went on to one-up the Australian side on Inferno, finishing the match with a 16-11 scoreline to book themselves a match against Gambit.

The Gambit vs. TyLoo grand final match was a best of five series. The maps picked were Overpass, Inferno, Train, Cache, and Mirage.

Gambit took map one, Overpass, with a 16-14 scoreline. Map two was a much easier affair for Gambit, as the CIS side ran away with it with a 16-4 scoreline. Train was hotly contested between the two sides. The map went into overtime. Gambit was able to take Train in the first round of overtime, winning 19-16 to finish in first place at the ASUS ROG Masters.



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