Shadow of the Colossus PS4 is finally available. The game contains no dungeons, towns, other enemy NPCs other than the 16 colossi. Scattered throughout the Forbidden Land these massive beasts are the key to saving Mono’s life and Wander will do anything for her.

The colossus serves as living puzzles, each requiring a specific strategy to defeat. If you find yourself stuck use this guide to help overcome and defeat every one of the 16 colossi.

First Colossus – Valus

Valus is the first boss you’ll encounter in Shadow of the Colossus. Relatively simple Valus will head south when you first see it. When it reaches the edge of the cliff it’ll turn around and walk back.

To defeat Valus grab on to its left knee and stab the glowing area. Now on its knee climb onto its back and head up. Use the platforms on Valus’ back to regain your grip. When you reach Valus’ head you’ll notice a glowing symbol, that’s your target. Grip and stab it until Valus falls.

Second Colossus – Quadratus

Quadratus is your second opponent. First get its attention by shooting arrows into the body. After being provoked wait for it to lift its feet off the ground to attack and shoot the glowing parts underneath Quadratus’ hoofs. This will cause the creature to stumble and allow you to grab on.

Head up the leg to the platform on its side. Use this platform to regain your grip before heading to its tail, here’s your first target

Third Colossus – Gaius

Located on a long arena Gaius resembles a knight and is extremely powerful. At the start of the fight locate the stone circle on the floor. Lure Giaus to the circle and provoke it to attack, when it’s about to plunge its blunt weapon move out of the way. This will cause Giaus’ armor to crack.

Next force Gaius to attack again, this time on the dirt. When its weapon gets a stuck walk on top toward Giaus and starts climbing towards its head. Giaus has 2 weak spots, one on the head and the other on its belly.

The head is straight up, head up and stab until the symbol disappears. Head back towards the Giaus’ right arm, the one holding its weapon, and use the platform next to its tricep to leap onto the armor piece close to its butt. Climb to the front and stab until Gaius falls.

Fourth Colossus – Phaedra

One of the more gentle colossus Phaedra’s fight is one of the easier ones. When triggered provoke Phaedra to follow you. Head into one of the tunnel entrances and run to the opposite end. If you see Phaedra walking around the general location, wait for it to peer into the tunnel. Once it does head towards it and leap onto its tail.

Now head to Phaedra’s neck and stab it on the glowing portion. This will force it to bend over and allow you access to its head and the only weak point. Stab Phaedra until it dies.

Fifth Colossus – Avion

The first sky-based colossus Avion has 3 weak points and requires a constant awareness of your grip meter. To execute the bird head to one of the rock platforms and shoot an arrow at Avion. It’ll fly towards you, this is when you jump onto one of its flaps.

Avion has 3 weak points; 1 on each wing and 1 on the tail. Avion will perform try to knock Wander off by flying vertically, flap its wings, or performing an aileron roll. To regain grip head to the middle of Avion’s body and maintain your footing.

Sixth Colossus – Barba

Unlike Valus Barba is instantly aware of your presence. Lure the beast to the back of the tunnel, climbing over the stone walls. When you reach the end head into the hallway and hide behind one of the pillars. This will cause Barba to investigate the area, leap into its beard.

Barba has 2 weak points, one of the head and the other on its lower back. Unlike Gaius Barba doesn’t have any defenses other than shaking, simply climb to the glowing areas and stab Barba until it dies.

Seventh Colossus – Hydrus

To get close enough to Hydrus’ weak points you’ll have to bypass its electric spikes. Wait for the serpent to rise from the water and grab onto its tail. Walk across the body, gripping on whenever it dives, and stab the glowing area by each spike. This will deactivate the electricity and allow you to head to its weak point.

Head toward Hydrus’ head, disabling the 3 electric spikes along the way. The weak point is located at the far end. If you fall off simply wait for Hydrus to resurface and repeat the process.

Eighth Colossus – Kuromori

Full of deadly gas Kuromori is the fastest colossus in the game. To defeat this toxic demon grab its attention on the upper floor. When it heads towards your location to investigate immediately rush to the opposite side and shoot arrows into its glowing limbs. This will cause Kuromori to fall, and depending on how high it was will determine how long it will remain down.

Kuromori’s weak point is located on its underbelly. Jump on top and stab the beast until it dies.

Ninth Colossus -Basaran

This armored turtle is gigantic and nearly impossible to defeat. However, the geysers make it possible. Lure Basaran underneath one of the geysers to send it off balance. Then like Quadratus shoot the glowing parts underneath its feet. This will cause it to topple over.

Head underneath its shell, where Basaran’s legs are located and climb up the ledges and hair. When you reach the top grip on the opposite side of the shell and wait for Basaran to regain its balance. Now head around the tail and up the small path towards its head for Basaran’s one and only weak point.

Tenth Colossus – Dirge

Unlike Hydrus Dirge prefers the sand and doesn’t come with electric spikes. Instead, it can ram you with its rocky skin and make Wander into a paste.

To defeat this snake use Agro’s speed and provoke Dirge into following you. Once its eyes are visible shoot an arrow into one of them to cause Dirge to crash. Once incapacitated you can stab its weak points.

Dirge has 2 weak points, one on the lower and upper parts of its body. Both are in the middle and hard to miss. If Dirge recovers and escapes just repeat the same process.

Eleventh Colossus – Celosia

Celosia is one of the smaller colossi but its more violent than any of the others. However, its afraid of fire and you can use that.

First head to either side of the arena and climb up the shrine holding the raging fire. Force Celosia to ram it and cause a wooden plank to drop. Use it to cause Celosia to back away in fear towards the outside opening, but don’t get too close or it’ll attack. If the fire goes out head back to one of the fires and hit it with the plank.

Cause Celosia to back off the edge and fall to crack its armor and expose its weak point. Hop on and stab the beast until it dies.

Twelfth Colossus – Pelagia

One of the most annoying colossi in the game Pelagia’s fight is long. The creature’s primary attack is a series of blast that comes from its tusks. When they start glowing take cover or dive under water.

To get on Pelagia’s back you have 2 options. The first is to swim behind it but this can be a long process. The next option is to head into one of the ruins and wait until Pelagia investigates. When it does jump onto its helmet.

Once on board get to its head. Hit the teeth-like stones on its head to force Pelagia towards one of the ruins. Leap onto the ruins and hide behind the stone circle. Keep Pelagia interested until it leaps onto the ruins. This will expose its weak point, the mossy cover heart between a stone ribcage.

You will have to repeat this process twice. When the first ruins break repeat the same process on the second.

Thirteenth Colossus – Phalanx

Like Phaedra Phalanx is a non-hostile colossus and the biggest one, but it needs to die. When the battle begins, shoot the lungs beneath Phalanx’s body. This will force Phalanx to the floor and lower its wings. Use Agro to match Phalanx’s speed and leap onto the wings.

Phalanx has 3 weak points located underneath its flaps, wait for them to open than stab them. Like Avion Phalanx will use an aileron roll to knock Wander off. If you take too long Phalanx will dive back into the sand to recover.


Fourteenth Colossus – Cenobia

Unlike Celosia, Cenobia doesn’t have any fears to exploit. Instead, you have to run for the majority of the battle. At the start use the pillar on the left side to gain elevation and following the path leading up to a vertical pillar. Provoke Cenobia to attack and ram the pillar to the ground. Use the same tactic and run across the fallen pillar to the standing one till you reach a shrine covered in moss. On the right side is another pillar, climb up and force Cenobia to ram it to open a brand new area of the city.

Head inside and on the far wall is another ledge you can climb. Use it and head to the edge of the broken ledge. Provoke Cenobia to attack again to cause the floor to fall and expose its weak point. Use the rubble to jump onto Cenobia’s back and start stabbing. If you fall off jump onto one of the fallen pillars and force Cenobia to ram you to stun it.

Fifteenth Colossus – Argus

Argus makes it clear that it doesn’t want you around its home. Head to the far end of the dam towards the upper right or left side. You’ll see a ledge but can’t climb it, provoke Argus to attack to break the floor beneath you and gain the height to climb up. Head into the hallway and provoke Argus to attack the pillars to expose an opening on the roof.

Head to the bridge and once again provoke Argus to attack the bridge, causing it to break. Lure Argus to the middle and jump onto its back. Argus has 2 weak points, the first located on its head.

After stabbing its head till the symbol disappears head to Argus right shoulder. Near the cracked armor is another glowing area, stab it to force Argus to drop its weapon and expose the final weak point. Fall down and force Argus to attack until it uses its weak hand, climb onto it and stab the beast till it dies.

Sixteenth Colossus – Malus

The final battle is between Wander and Malus. You cannot just run up to the creature, it uses high power energy blasts with insane accuracy. Head to the barriers and use the tunnel on the right side. Follow the path, roll into the barriers after each barrage, and slowly make your way towards Malus.

When at its feet run towards either side and begin your climb. When you reach its lower half avoid the glowing parts and head around to the back. Here you’ll find a glowing part, stab it to force Malus to reach around. Jump onto its hand, when it resets head towards the glowing armband and stab the second glowing part to force Malus left hand to your location. Now stand up and shoot the glowing part on Malus’ right shoulder to gain access to its head.

Malus has only one weak point. If you need to regain grip head to the back of Malus’ neck to regain your footing. Malus to shout in pain and swing its head with each stab. Keep up the offensive and eventually, the beast will fall.

That should help you out to defeat all the bosses if you get stuck, enjoy the game though and take in that gorgeous scenery! If you have any more tips or tricks that will help out our readers post them in the comment section below.

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