The biggest difference between this version of Pokémon Crystal and the one released back on the Game Boy Color is that you can catch Celebi. That’s right, no trucks or Game Genie codes. There is a legitimate way to catch this legendary Pokémon and I’m going to show you how.

Here’s how you capture Celebi.

1) Defeat the Elite Four and Lance.

2) Head inside Goldenrod City’s Pokémon Center. Walk around inside the center and an NPC will come out to give you the GS Ball.

3) After getting the GS Ball, take it to Kurt in Azalea Town. Leave his home after he takes the ball from you.

4) Return to his home after midnight and speak to him again. Kurt will walk outside, talk to him and he’ll return the GS Ball to you. Stock up on Ultra Balls afterward.

5) Go to Ilex Forest Shrine and save the game before interacting with it. When you touch it, Celebi will appear. Celebi is level 30, so be prepared to catch it. You can encounter a shiny Celebi here but it’ll take a lot of tries.

Now go out there and catch this legendary Pokémon.

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