The final pro point standings before CWL New Orleans are out, and a few teams will have some work to do to secure a spot in the CWL league. New Orleans is the last opportunity for points before CWL Stage 1 kicks off on January 23rd. With only 10 teams from NA and 5 teams from EU making the cut, a few major names will miss out on season 1’s prize pool. Here are the CWL pro point standings heading into CWL New Orleans this weekend.

NA CWL Pro Point Standings

1 Team Kaliber 138,925
2 OpTic Gaming 82,120
3 Luminosity 77,075
4 eUnited 66,945
5 FaZe Clan 61,440
6 Rise Nation 51,480
7 Team EnVyUs 51,110
8 Echo Fox 48,040
9 Enigma 6 42,690
10 Ground Zero 42,400

FaZe Clan has overcome a rocky start sit comfortably in 5th, behind the usual suspects of eU, OG and LG. Team Kaliber continued their Dallas form online, and will head to New Orleans as favorites. It will be a nervous weekend for E6 and Ground Zero, a poor performance could see them on the outside looking in for CWL Stage 1.

11 DooM 42,345
12 Lightning Pandas 34,060
13 Ghost Gaming 33,840
14 Evil Geniuses 32,510
15 GGEA Orange 31,925

DooM has never fielded a pro CoD team before, but saw an opportunity with the roster madness going on. With Next Threat disbanding, Ground Zero switching around the roster and E6 blowing things up, there were a lot of players with pro points as free agents. A solid team of Ricky, Decemate, Bevils and Fero emerged from the chaos and was snapped up by DooM, very close to the 10th spot. Lightning Pandas has consistently been among the best of the rest all season, but will need to win some matches against big names this weekend for any shot at Stage 1.

Surprisingly, the one team that stayed together through the roster madness was Evil Geniuses, maybe the most disappointing team so far this season.  EG will most likely need a top 4 finish at New Orleans, or this roster of former world champions will be watching Season 1 from home.

EU CWL Pro Point Standings

1 Splyce 97,390
2 Red Reserve 57,620
3 Team Vitality 43,040
4 UNILAD 41,635
5 Epsilon 36,575

EU CoD players and fans are probably sick of hearing about how EU is a top heavy region, but only two EU teams placed in the top 12 at Dallas. Splyce and Red are a class above the rest of the region, and usually look like the only EU teams capable of making runs at majors. EU still gets five spots in Stage 1 however, meaning Vitality and UNILAD will have the opportunity to prove everyone wrong.

6 Infused 35,855
7 Giants Gaming 33,130
8 Millennium 31,360
9 Excel 29,065
10 Heretics 28,915

Can any of these teams make an open run at New Orleans? Infused doesn’t have much ground to make up for that 5 spot, but they will have to run the dreaded open bracket gauntlet and struggled at Dallas. Millennium’s talent might finally show up, while Giants, the only hope for Spain, will need to be miles better than the top 48 they got at CWL Dallas.

CWL New Orleans is the largest CoD tournament so far and will have plenty of exciting story lines all weekend. Keep an eye on these bubble teams, a lot of important action will be happening before Championship Sunday.

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