Hyperkin is a gaming company known for developing accessories and peripherals for big-name consoles, as well as developing their own clone consoles of classic systems that allow old games to be played in new ways.

It was Hyperkin who developed the SmartBoy device, which allowed people to play Game Boy cartridges on their smartphones. Now, the company has taken one step further and has decided to develop their own standalone Game Boy clone system, which they are calling the GB Ultra.

The GB Ultra will play original Game Boy cartridges and its design is similar to that of Nintendo’s Game Boy Pocket, with the shape, size, and button/switch layout being more or less the same. The system will also feature a link cable port so as to keep the multiplayer functionality of old Game Boy games intact.

There will also be numerous modern alterations. For starters, the GB Ultra will have an aluminum shell, a front-lit screen, and stereo audio. Also, while the screen on the system’s sample design has a blue tint, Hyperkin will be adding an RGB color wheel to the GB Ultra. The final version of the system will also charge through a USB-C port (as opposed to the prototype version, which charges with a DC power connector.)

Hyperkin has yet to announce an official release date or a price for the GB Ultra, but they have stated that they hope to roll it out by the end of 2018 and that it will likely go for less than $100. A near-final build of the system will also be showcased in June at E3 2018.


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