Would you pay more than $60 for a video game if it meant the complete elimination of loot boxes? Founder of Bethesda and creator of The Elder Scrolls franchise, Christopher Weaver, thinks so.

To get everyone to speed a loot box is a system that has been popular among publisher to increase the profit of their games by providing players the chance to earn in-game items and can be purchased using in-game or real-world money. First used in free-to-play games the system has jumped to triple-a games leading to a massive backlash. The most recent being EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 which caused the company to not only remove the system for refinement but caused government intervention across the world.

According to Weaver, when talking to the Rolling Stone, this system of giving the fan’s a chance to earn something in a triple-a game prevent the player from being immersed in the world. However, Weaver touched on how triple-a development has increased over the years and companies need to constantly make profits on these massive projects. Without microtransactions, the price of games could go up.

Would you pay more for a video game if it meant no loot boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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