Fans who love the design side of the esports, or sports, industries are usually limited to analyzing a few logo updates and rebrandings every couple of years. That is not the case when an all new league is formed, and the Overwatch League has dropped 12 new logos for our consideration. With all the money put up for this, the logos we got are more professional than one would expect from a new esports league, but some still leave a bit to be desired. Let’s rank all 12 Overwatch League team logos.

The D.Va Winston S-Tier

London Spitfire

It is fitting that the only European club gets a soccer (ok, football) inspired badge as a logo. The WW2 plane, inspired by the real life Royal Air Force version, could’ve been a 3d, motion lined monstrosity, but instead we get a clean, 2d plane that works well within the overall design. Add in the name of the city proudly displayed along the top and a healthy dose of Tracer orange, and we have one of the best logos in the league.

San Francisco Shock

With a seismograph reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge, and that unmistakable bridge orange, the Shock logo perfectly represents the Bay Area. The secondary gold color is even a reference to the gold rush of the 1800’s. The subtle references to San Francisco’s past and present easily places this logo to the top of the Overwatch League.

New York Excelsior

This logo will be divisive, and many will argue it is the worst in esports – it might not even be a logo as much as it is a flag. Despite all that, we love the bold, unique design of the Excelsior brand and it is rewarded with a place in our S-Tier. It has everything we like, colors inspired by the local area (the state flag, like the Mets and Knicks, is blue and reddish orange) and clean lines that draw your eye around. The secondary logo, to a more obvious extent than the Excelsior flag, represents the famous NYC subway grid and maps.

The only downside to Excelsior is that they are owned by the Mets. But since the Yankees don’t exist in the Overwatch League yet, maybe this team has a chance to actually win something.

Shanghai Dragons

The Dragon logo gets better and better the longer you look. It is a dragon, it is an S and it is also a clever shield/badge. The dash of red from the Chinese flag is subtle, but still adds enough variety to the otherwise all black logo. The Dragons will have a lot of pressure on them as the only Chinese team in the field, but at least we know the design team is already up to the challenge.

The Junkrat 76 A-Tier

Los Angeles Valiant

Symmetry is a theme of major brands the world over, and the Valiant have a nice little helmet featuring a negative space V. The green, gold and white look nice, but we aren’t sure it has any semblance of local ties. LA is mostly a city you move to anyway, when was the last time you met someone in LA who was actually from LA? Either way, the strong design of the Valiant helmet is more than enough to kick off our A-Tier.

Dallas Fuel

One of the surprising aspects of the Overwatch league was the insistence on erasing the popular esports brands who entered. Team EnVyUs, who has built a large following with storied Call of Duty and CS:GO teams, rebranded to the Dallas Fuel. The EnVy roots live on however, with a color palate the Boys in Blue would be proud of. The fire logo is interesting on it’s own, but really shines when attached to the Fuel wording, pulling off the tough task of a dynamic yet flat logo.


The Pharah B-Tier

Houston Outlaws

Much like their eternal rivals EnVy, OpTic Gaming was forced to abandon their brand upon entry to the Overwatch League. Unlike the blue of EnVy however, the neon green of OpTic did not make a smooth transition. Anyone without knowledge of OpTic will be left scratching their heads about this shade of green being involved in the Outlaws branding. That being said, the revolver/skull logo is still well done enough to find its way in the B-Tier. It is a logo that McCree himself would be proud of.

Seoul Dynasty

This is a solid logo. We don’t really have any negative, or positive, things to say about it. It is more professional than the typical esport logo, but it isn’t particularly exciting. The Dynasty logo is an acceptable Tiger with an acceptable colorway. Could a bolder direction have landed the Dynasty higher on our list? Of course. Instead, the Dynasty Tiger plays it safe with a perfectly acceptable, middle of the pack logo.

Los Angeles Gladiators

After entertaining thousands of fans a night in the Roman Coliseum, a few gladiators moved to LA to try a career a screenwriting. Ok that didn’t happen, but that’s how we will pretend the LA Gladiators got their name. Bonus points for going with Laker purple, but we are not crazy about the shield design. The damaged gladiator shield isn’t working, particularly the damage in the lower left hand corner. Was this particular gladiator attacked by a rogue quadrilateral? The colors and the lion design are a nice enough foundation, a redesign a few years from now can rocket the Gladiators up the list.

Florida Mayhem

If any Overwatch character represents the “Florida Man” police reports, it is Junkrat. Like McCree’s revolvers in Houston, we enjoy seeing Junkrat’s bomb take center stage, and the palm tree fuse is a fantastic touch. Yellow is perfectly fine for the Sunshine State, however we would’ve preferred a more Miami Vice inspired colorway – with heavy doses of neon pink. Their NBA team managed to pull it off.

The Hanzo F-Tier

Boston Uprising

What is with all the random angles? Unlike the Excelsior logo, which playfully drags your eye back to the center with bounds of energy, this Boston logo confuses, disappoints and stops your eye at every turn. The diagonal line of the top left comes to a screeching halt when it collides into the main B, and the lower section of the B has an odd overhang on the left side for reasons unknown. The bottom third has symmetry before it explodes into the disastrous middle area. The Uprising logo was so close to simple, symmetrical brilliance, instead we are left with this.

Philadelphia Fusion

The Fusion logo design isn’t necessarily disappointing, its place in our list is an indictment on what it could have been. Philly is a city loaded with American history, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin – all of that ignored. Philly has a red, white and blue basketball team called the 76ers, if only Overwatch had a character with the number 76 involved…

Is it unfair to criticize a logo and concept based on one writer’s opinion on what the team could’ve been? Yes, probably, but come on. The Fusion could be a semi-pro baseball team from any random place in the world. The Overwatch League is all about looking towards the future, so maybe one day Philadelphia will have an atomic power plant, or something.

If you want to meet the teams and players who represent these logos, check out our breakdown of the Overwatch League teams.

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