I’m not much of a speed runner but I enjoy watching others do it. I like to take my time and explore things in a game. However, while at PAX South, I was completely blown away by a little game called Light Fall by Bishop Games. Light Fall completely changed my mind on the art of speed running. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Mysterious Story

Like most great stories, our main character wakes up with no recollection of who he is. The only one giving us the story, and making fun of us at the same time, is a giant owl named Stryx. As you interact with the world around you, you understand that you are much more than some kid. The story is simple enough, explore the world of Numbra to uncover your mysterious past and save the land from an imminent threat. While you play, it uncovers a truly magnificent history and a pantheon of gods that are willing to help you. I won’t spoil why they help, you will just have to play to find out.

New Twist In Gameplay

Very early on in the game, your character is ‘given’ a power known as the Shadow Core. The Shadow Core is a block that can be summoned at any time. It has multiple uses, including giving you another platform for you to jump or wall hop off of (so sort of like a double jump), blocking instant death lasers, saving your ass from swinging death crystals or swooping birds,  or even as a tool to power a boat. The Shadow Core is your new best friend because it can save you from most deadly scenarios. In any other platformer, most miscalculating jumps will result in your untimely demise, but in Light Fall, our hero can summon a Shadow Core and keep the game running.

The levels in Light Fall are actually designed around using the Core, to some this may feel it cheapens the game, but in my own humble opinion, it enhances it quite a bit. I would blast through the level at top speed using the Core to boost myself above obstacles without breaking my flow. It was impressive how smooth everything felt. The Shadow Core makes jumps easier even if they are made twice as long as you would usually find them, and walls twice as high. However, during my short demo of the game, I found that the Shadow Core didn’t make obstacles any easier. Since the Core can only be used 3 times before needing a little cooldown, it made my gameplay a little riskier than I was accustomed to. There are many obstacles that a player must navigate so, again, while the Shadow Core can help you, your brain is figuring out most of these puzzles at top speed and the Shadow Core keeps you from dying faster than you normally world.

I said in the beginning, I am not a speedrunner. But this game gave me hope that I could accomplish that. While incorporating the Core into your gameplay takes a bit of getting used to,  you will find that once you get the real mechanics down the flow seems so natural and you’ll absolutely question how you ever played platformers before.

The puzzles I encountered during the demo were pretty basic and made me feel like I mastered it, but I know that is not the case. I look forward to seeing what sort of tricks and contraptions are in place later on in the full release.

Arts and Graphics

The art will be familiar to you because of games like Limbo, however, “This land of eternal night…”  which they give a little explanation on their Steam Page. The game is gorgeous. The backgrounds and foregrounds of the game have a wonderful colorization. Shades of blue, black, and greens flood your vision and make this game pure eye-candy. After playing the game you see the fact that even though this is a land immersed in shadow, time and effort went into picking the colors of the game.

You also come to understand the other mechanic in the game. Many of the gorgeous colors will kill you. You do not want to touch some colors you come across, especially Pink. Being a land of shadow, there are very few bright colors. The ones they use, however, are shiny and beautiful to look at. The Light of the colors are something dangerous in this world and you learn to stay clear of pink very quickly. However, Gold is totally safe and encouraged to find during gameplay.  The full game will have other colors to help or hinder you so it should be interesting to see how the game’s distinct art style carries over to more colorful environments.

Right now Light Fall is planned to release on PC in Mar 2018. The developer, Bishop Games, is in talks to bring it to consoles as well. Stay Tuned for more PAX South exclusives right here on Gamer Assault Weekly.

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