A mere few days removed from Nintendo’s Direct Mini, which saw announcements for Dark Souls Remastered, Mario Tennis Aces, and Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, among other things, it seems that there is even more Switch-related information coming this week.

Reddit user Yavga made a post early Monday morning, January 15th, detailing information they had received from a trusted insider from ResetEra who goes by Chrom. Chrom had the following to say:

“Hey guys. As the author of those peculiar Fire Emblem tweets from a few pages back, I’d like to step up and provide a follow-up to them here that should help temper expectations a little bit.

Yes, I’ve been hearing for a while that another Nintendo Direct is in fact happening later this week, but the new Fire Emblem apparently won’t be featured there either. I know nothing of its exact contents, but I’ve learned that it won’t be the one to reveal Fire Emblem. It sounds like another small Nintendo Direct from my understanding, no idea how they’ll announce it. A more feature-length Nintendo Direct is supposedly planned for sometime in February, and, in my opinion, that’s probably when we may see Fire Emblem after all. Here’s hoping, I’m really excited for it. At this point I’m not thinking there’ll be another Fire Emblem Direct though, sadly.

Apologies for the commotion. I do actually hear things from time to time, but I also realize it’s important to not give people false hope if I can help it, so that’s why I’m here to clarify. I hope you guys can forgive me. Either way, I think we can all agree it’d be best to wait until Nintendo says something before we can get all excited again.”

Chrom went on to say that, as far as they know, this new Direct will take place this Thursday, January 18th, and that he was “really was really sure it was supposed to be the next big one but unfortunately that doesn’t seem like the case to me anymore.”

What exactly Nintendo plans to reveal on the 18th has become a topic of speculation among the community. However, it will most likely be related to the Nintendo Switch. Chrom suggests that it may be in regards to new games and/or accessories.


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