There aren’t many games out there that give you the option to do whatever you want, at least within the realm of the games’ theme. So far, Sea of Thieves by Rare is turning out to be just that. The game was originally announced back in 2015 at E3 and now the new closed beta has been out and it allows crews of, at least, four players to sail the seas in search of treasure. You are more than welcome to sail as just one if you were feeling adventurous.

Some Of The Experiences I Had

Playing this game might have confused a lot of people. So, here are my impressions from my own experiences. This might help you understand this creative masterpiece.

I Sailed Alone:

This resulted in an odd introduction to the game. After all the loading screens, I spawned in a bar. Inside was a barkeep that wouldn’t speak to me. However, there was a prompt said I needed a tankard, and since I couldn’t pick one up from the 30 lying around the bar, I realized I must have already had one in my inventory, I clicked some buttons and ‘Presto!’ A tankard. It was already filled and so I drank. My character becomes a tab wobbly, so I refilled and started for the door. As I walked to the shore there were several buildings. As an adventurer I stopped in each one, one was empty, another had clothes, another had items, and there was a small tent with a creepy looking dude in it. He happened to have maps on him. I bought one for zero gold. This I knew was my way to start my very first pirating adventure.

I didn’t have all that much trouble sailing my ship. It is ‘mostly’ built on sailing a real ship. A lot more detail than if you played games like Assassins Creed: Black Flag, that’s for sure. However, this is where I had some trouble. I had a map, I had a ship, but no idea what I was doing or where I was going. I spent a lot of time in the ocean. The scenery is gorgeous. The waves and details of the ship are incredible, but I was lost.

So I just went anywhere. I lowered my anchor at little islands and fought some skeletons and found barrels full of cannonballs, bananas and wooden planks. And nothing else. Set sail again and landed on a bigger Island. I roamed around and found barrels again, more skeletons. Then I found a cave, By happenstance, I found a chest. Jumped on my boat and headed back where I came from. The creepy old dude in the tent offered me money for the chest so I sold it to him. His NPC menu still had the map I bought for zero Gold blacked out which meant I didn’t find the right chest. I knew there were quests and riddles somewhere in the game, I had heard all about it, but after almost 30 years of playing video games and now literally doing it for a living, Sea of Thieves was very good at making me feel like an idiot.

Finally after looking at ‘the captains quarters’ I noticed a desk that was like the missions desk. Players had to vote for an adventure. I thought this was silly since I’m the only one on the boat. Pushed a button sequence and I was rewarded with a map in my other inventory wheel. Open it up and read it and it’s just a picture of an island with a red X on it.

After searching 5/6 minutes on the world map I found where I needed to head and sailed my ship to get the ‘real’ treasure I was looking for. Doing all the above over again but with a little more ease.

I Sailed With A Crew:

This is where the actual fun began for me. A few buddies of mine had the beta so we all got on, which seemed to run easily enough. We were three which means they threw in some random guy we couldn’t hear or talk to and didn’t care about. We all voted him in the brig for a laugh, and to his credit, He stayed there. He was dancing and playing music and it was pretty hilarious. We went out treasure hunting and he played his Hurdy Gurdy politely in the brig.

After we got back to the Outpost Island to sell the treasure we set the boat out to sail in the middle of a storm and watched it sink with him in it. We were crying laughing watching this poor sucker trapped in the brig. However, the game did reward him when we sold the treasure and gave him a cut of our booty.

So, we did what any good pirate crew would do after watching a man die at sea. We went to the bar! We all just got sloppy drunk on grog and our characters in-game became so inebriated that they were vomiting everywhere. I’m talking projectile vomiting. We all couldn’t stop laughing at this. We barfed on the barmaid, we barfed on each other, and then one of us figured out we could barf in a bucket and save it to throw on someone later. After a good vomit session, we decided to shoot each other out of the cannons. mind you getting back to the ship so drunk was the hardest gameplay the beta had to offer.

The silliness never ended that night and it was the most fun I had in a game. Of course, we did more adventuring. The four player option gave you a much bigger ship to sail in. Sailing the bigger boat was more of a challenge because you all really had to sail as a team. We sunk a few time due to carelessness. While on a treasure hunt we came across another boat. They assumed we were the good type of pirates. That was a bad assumption. They yelled “Ahoy” in the text chat to us and I yelled back “Man the cannons!” and “Fire the cannons!”

My crew followed orders and we chased down this other crew firing the cannons all the way. The firing mechanism is hard and takes some practice, you actually have to count for wind, waves, motions of the boat, and trying to predict the other ships motions. At some point during the chase, we got close to board their ship. We stole their treasure as we murdered each one of them sending them to Davey Jones in the deep below. We were laughing the whole time.

What’s The Point?

After many hours played inside this world that Rare has built, as of at this moment, there doesn’t seem to be a point. As far as I can tell, the point is to be a pirate. You find maps, you find treasure, you sail, you drink, you play music, etc. Other than that it’s just a fun time out to sea with your buddies without having to actually go out to sea.

While that idea might turn many people off it might not actually be all there is, so hold tight. Rare purposely left out a lot of things in the beta, including NPCs and any storyline they might have come up with. Right now Rare wants you to have fun and to learn the sailing mechanics. If you really were confused and gave up I urge you to pick it back up before it’s all over. Hopefully, my experiences were able to sell you back into the pirate life with Sea of Thieves. If not, well, Shove off Mateys, I have booty to plunder! Arrgh!

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