As an avid consumer of Xbox One titles the prospect of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was exciting, to say the least. However, I found that the game’s Xbox One achievement list comes up as ‘not supported’. So naturally, myself and a few resident PUBG fanatics began to speculate what a list of achievements for the game would look like. For a total of 1000 gamerscore, here are 50  achievements for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that the Xbox One should have.

Panhandling– Kill another player with a frying pan

FPS King– Get a chicken dinner on a first-person server

Over the Shoulder– Get a chicken dinner on a Third Person Server

Winner Winner- How’s that chicken taste? (Win a match)

Roadkill– Run over at least one other player

Hat Trick– Get three kills in a match

Quad Feed– Get four kills in a match

Where Are My Wings?– Consume three energy drinks in a match

Class is in Session– Land at the school

Hollowed Be Thy Name– Land at the Church

Ten Hut– Land at the Military Base

Something Hinky at Pochinki– Land at Pochinki

Tag Team– Get a chicken dinner in Duos

Triple Threat– Get a chicken dinner for three

Squad Up– Get a chicken dinner in a full squad of four players without anyone dying

Dead Eye– Get a kill from 500 meters away

Level Up– Swap an item for a higher level 50 times ( Level 1 Backpack to a Level 2 Backpack etc)

I’ll Take That– Loot a weapon from a player you eliminated

Hello Nurse– Use a medkit with less than 10% health

Make it Rain – Buy five loot boxes in a single transaction

I’ve Grown Attached – Add an attachment to every slot on a weapon

Pack Mule– Fill every slot in your inventory

Eye of The Storm– Die to the Storm

Taking in the Scenery– Glide from one end of the map to the other after jumping from the plane

Are You Scared?– Let the plane kick you out at the end of the map

Snake in the Grass– Crawl like your life depends on it (250 meters total)

It’s Just a Scratch– Use bandages 10 times in one match

Help a Brother Out!– Hand another player on your team any type of healing 50 times (bandages, medket, pills, energy drink)

Are You Full Yet?– Ten solo chicken dinners

Table for Twenty– Get ten chicken dinners as a full squad

Aw What a Lovely Couple– Get ten chicken dinners in Duos

Going Steady– Five chicken dinners with the same Duo partner

Variety is a Spice of Life– Five chicken dinners in Trios

UH OH!– Fall to your death

Fight Club– Eliminate a player with just your fists

Mercenary– Get a kill with every weapon type

Extreme Sports– Flip the bike and land

License and Registration, Please.– Wreck a car to the point of explosion

Bulletproof– Equip highest strength armor

Fancy– Change any article of clothing in a match (50 times total)

No Shirt, No Shoes, Still Hungry– Enter a match in just your underwear

C.Q.C.(Close Quarters Combat) Expert– Eliminate a player indoors

I Need Your Information!– Hit by a car

Clusterluck– Hit at least three players with a single grenade

Cero Miedo (Zero Fear)– Run through a Red Zone unharmed

Daryl Would Be Proud– Get an elimination with the crossbow

Opportunistic– Eliminate a player who was just eliminated another player

Sweep and Clear– Check every room in a building for loot

Occupied– Eliminate a player in a bathroom

You Get Nothing– Finish number two in a match


As far as achievement lists go this one feels pretty balanced. If it were really implemented into the game, it feels like this list would challenge players just enough to keep them interested in getting them without being so challenging that players stop trying to get them. Not only that but some of them are geared towards getting players to work together. That’s something we really don’t see a whole lot of in terms of achievements for games. Left 4 Dead was really one of the major games that come to mind in terms of rewarding players for working together. There were achievements in that game which required players to help each other stay alive, such as, Helping Hand and Pharm-assist which required players to revive teammates fifty times and give teammates pain pills ten times. The list also has a healthy amount of achievements players can get on their own, which is great for players like myself who often prefer to play games alone. If you have any ideas for achievements to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds feel free to drop them into the comment section below.

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