The final battle in Blade of Galadriel has you face to face with Talion. Now fully possessed by the Ring of Power Eltariel must save what’s left of the Ranger’s soul.

Dark Talion isn’t like the Nazgul Sisters, he can summon help. Using the corpses of fallen Uruks Dark Talion can call them to his aid. First, start off the battle eliminating all the Uruks or they will overwhelm you. Talion is nimble and strong, avoid trying to fight him while Uruks are around. Once they’re all dead use the Cone of Light to stun Talion and deal heavy damage.

At 50% Talion will call the Nazgul to assist him in battle. Talion will continue to revive Uruks to attack while the Nazgul are present. Use Light Blast to knock enemies back and infuse them with Light for critical damage. If you need to build your combo for executions use Light Bolt.

Talion will continue to revive Uruks until the Nazguls are taken care of. Focus your attention on them, using Light Blast and Light Bolt to stun and inflict damage until they’re defeated. Once gone focus all your attention on Talion until he falls.