The Void Rains Upon Her Heart by Veyeral Games is an interesting little indie title that was just recently released. It follows the story of a little alien as she goes on an adventure to change the world around her with the power of love. Which she accomplishes by viciously shooting hearts at them until they love her and give her gifts. The game has some addicting gameplay. It is a fabulous 2D bullet hell gauntlet of boss battles, not outside the fashion of something like Cuphead.

Simple on the Surface

On its’ surface, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a super simple game where the player uses their heart to literally kill monsters with her love. Players control a heart in a 2D environment, in a similar manner to Asteroids,  and duel the monsters in huge boss battle fashion.

The player’s heart fires a continuous stream of mini hearts that slowly pick away at the monster’s health. So, in theory, players could focus exclusively on just dodging incoming attacks. However, players can do extra damage by holding down the Z button which charges up a bigger attack dealing a notable amount of damage. The C button also releases a clever attack called Panic Attack. A circle of love surrounds the player’s heart and takes out projectiles nearby while dealing high amounts of damage to any nearby enemies. Be wary though Panic Attacks can only save you a limited number of times – just like in real life.

There is a ton of stuff to unlock in the game. Monster descriptions unlock after defeating them, some new menu music, and even a new mode unlocks at some point. Players can also do things like complete different challenges on the tab marked Dreams. Accompanying this, players can also check out passive and active gifts which will help you depending on its effects. Players can even “Radiate” them which makes some buffs permanent and available in other game modes.

Yet Beautifully Complex

The story of The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a rather touching one with a sad beginning. The alien, the players play as, is surrounded by monsters and is visibly sad and disheartened by the world around her. Then a little robot guy shows up and helps the aliens start off on her quest to change the world around her with love. Literally shooting hearts into the monsters until they love you and give you presents. Those presents help the alien by giving her a different set of buffs or items in the next fight. The higher the monster level the better and more plentiful rewards, so a player should attack them as frequently as possible. Your little robot companion reminds you, “pick your battles” because permadeath is a real hazard, you die and you start all the way over at chapter one.

Love is Brutal

One of the aspects that makes The Void Rains Upon Her Heart a stand out title is how it almost has a Binding of Issac brutality to its gameplay. You have one life to get as far as you can in the game. Once you die that’s it, the heartbroken screen appears and you have to start over. Damage is only dealt with the player when the center of your heart is hit by a projectile by the attacking monster.

When the game first launches the only available story is the regular one on normal difficulty. After several deaths, another one unlocked called “Defective Heart” which I believe makes the game a little easier and grants the player an extra Panic Attack.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a super simple, yet wonderfully complex, indie title. I recommend grabbing a copy of it if you are looking for an excellent time killer. I installed this game, and then the next thing I knew two hours had gone by and I wanted to keep playing just to see newer, stronger monsters. Not to mention the comedic chemistry of the little alien and her robot companion is pretty solid. The robot tries to give her advice and constantly saying lines like  “Judging by your facial expression, that is bad advice. Disregard previous advice.” The alien is also wonderfully adorable and always finishes the interactions with the robot with “I love you.” It is also worth noting there is a bit of nudity in the game. Nothing horrendous mind you, it’s just a little alien butt from what I have seen and it is censored in the options menu if you like.

Right now, The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is only on PC, the developer has not presented any plans to go to consoles with the game.

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