Little Nightmares The Residence concludes the story but it also houses some secrets waiting to be uncovered. The first being 5 bottles littered throughout the environment. Here are all the bottle locations for Little Nightmares The Residence.

Bottle 1 is located at the beginning. In the first hallway, you enter head into the second room and up the nightstand. Turn on the lamp and climb up the shelf to find the first bottle.

Bottle 2 is on the third floor with the eye guarding the single statue. Head to the far right to find an exposed crack. Head inside to find 3 statues, an apple, and the second bottle.

Bottle 3 is found on the third floor in the left room. Head inside head straight down to find the third bottle.

Bottle 4 is found in the piano room. Head inside and start walking back and forth on the piano, hitting every key. It’ll expose a hidden storage space behind the painting.

The final bottle can be found towards the end. After seeing The Lady’s face head to the right and keep heading right. When you’re supposed to go down head right inside an empty room. On the far right is the last bottle.

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