The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III dropped a few days ago and it’s full of new information about the long-awaited third entry. The new footage shows Sora fighting with new abilities, old characters making a return, and the first footage of Monsters Inc.‘s World.

First off, the trailer revealed that Marluxia, the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, would be returning as part of Organization XIII. In addition, we see Sora travelling to the world of Toy Story, Tangled, and Monsters Inc. to aid in the battle against the Heartless with 2 assisting characters instead of one; without having to swap out Donald or Goofy as well.

Sora was seen using several new abilities. This included a new weapon called the Mirage Staff that can be used to summoning a tower that shoots energy blasts and bouncing energy bolts, a giant hammer, summoning Dream Eaters, use Flow Motion, and call on Ariel for help. This is the first time Ariel has been used as a summon for the franchise but it hasn’t been confirmed if her world will be part of the game as of yet.

The trailer’s biggest reveal came at the end with Vanitas showing up. Older and just as menacing he’s after Ventus’ heart once again. He wants to become whole and judging from Sora’s reaction he had no idea of Ventus’ presence inside him.

Kingdom Hearts III is set to release in 2018 for Xbox One and PS4.

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