Rise Nation convincingly ended Red Reserve’s legendary run through the loser’s bracket to end an exciting tournament at MLG Atlanta. Red and Rise will be feeling great about themselves headed into the second half of the CWL season, but a number of teams will be left questioning the future after their performances to date.

One team guaranteed to make a change is Epsilon, as Nathan left his 3 teammates hanging in the airport before the tournament. Roster changes are not allowed until after the Stage 1 playoffs, but let’s go over the teams who might be joining Epsilon in looking forward to the roster lock being lifted in April.


Probability 8/10

eUnited has gone from a team that looked like a threat to win any tournament to a team that will struggle to beat amateurs. The seeds of doubt were planted after a disappointing start in CWL Stage 1, then things got even worse when they lost to a non-league team in Canada and the wheels completely came off after an 0-2 start in Atlanta pools.

Clay broke the M1 gentleman’s agreement (which we were fine with in the big picture) and his teammates took to social to let everyone know they were not ok with that. Then eUnited players openly questioned their roster makeup.

Of course, something would spark eUnited and they turned it around for a t6 finish in Atlanta. Is this the start of the old eUnited coming back, or is the damage already done? Like Arcitys hinted, eUnited has 3 main ARs in a game that doesn’t support that. Even if the confidence is restored and the egos are healed, look for an eUnited change to happen.

Evil Geniuses

Probability: 9/10

Looking at results only, it is hard to suggest a team that finished t8 in the last two major opens needs to make a change, but if you watched EG play, you know that is the case. Their ceiling seems to be “best of the rest,” winning matches they should but easily being handled by the top teams. Is that good enough for this veteran roster of former champs?

Apathy still looks like the player who has performed in back to back Champs Grand Finals, while ACHES is benefitting from the return to boots and has been a solid flex. Enable has been a decent main AR, carrying the team through respawn at times, but Nameless has struggled all year. They knew something had to change heading into Atlanta, switching the main AR role over to Nameless to get him going. EG didn’t get worse with their new roles, but it is hard to argue they got better.

We will see if another week of practice in their new roles allows them to go on a run in Stage 1, but that doesn’t look likely. EG plays too slow and could use a high energy player to pair with their veteran leadership. They may be forced into a change as well, with top teams looking to poach Apathy’s world class sub.

Echo Fox

Probability: 5/10

EF helped create the monster that is Rise Nation by swapping Gunless for Aqua. While Rise loves the trade, Echo Fox has struggled with their new roster. Will they make another change soon?

Echo Fox kicked off CWL Stage 1 in disarray, looking like a relegation candidate after a beatdown by fellow basement dweller Mindfreak. Things would turn around after a nice victory over OpTic, closing in on the fourth playoff spot after a hot streak in week 3. They would miss the playoffs by a match but headed to Atlanta as a dark horse contender after seemingly overcoming their new roster growing pains.

A mediocre pool play performance sent them to Losers, where they would 3-0 eRa before falling to an out of form TK. Is t12 enough to keep this roster intact? Echo Fox has showed enough signs to stick it out and grind the rest of the season together, but other teams desperate for a change will be calling to inquire about the individual talent of EF.


Probability: 10/10

coL is a heavy weight organization in CoD history and had one of the best rosters of all time in Black Ops 2. So it is sad to see the brand struggle through the WW2 season, not qualifying for CWL Stage 1 or making noise at any major LAN. Is it possible to crank the nostalgia up to 11 and see ACHES, Crim and Clay reuniting under the coL banner? Probably not, but one can dream.

compLexity has made a number of changes already and still look to be unsettled. Parasite has thrown some tweets out there that would even make eUnited blush.

Yikes. Felo and Dashy are the kind of slayers other teams want and Studdy is an experienced sub in a sub heavy meta. Parasite will likely get his roster change wish, though it is hard to imagine players lining up to get roasted by teammates in public like Studdy is.

Team EnVyUs

Update: This team is over. Probability 10/10

Probability: 3/10

While Slasher has never reached Parasite levels of social media shade, he isn’t shy about pointing the finger at teammates. Slasher blew up a team that won Black Ops 3 Champs and made IW Grand Finals after claiming he should not have lost IW with his performance. Slasher formed a young team that everyone knew would take some time to gel, after all Huke was playing Halo at this time last year, but time is running out to prove they can win a major.

After a slow start to the WW2 season, EnVy said they would think about changes if things didn’t turn around at CWL Stage 1. Well things turned around alright, going 6-1 in their first week with the only loss coming to Luminosity. The solid play continued in Atlanta with a 4th place finish. EnVy’s only losses on Sunday were close matches with Red and Rise. Slasher might be the best player is the world right now and looks deserving of a major win.

They are playing better but will need to beat the likes of Luminosity, Rise and Red for Slasher to be happy. A Grand Finals loss at Champs wasn’t good enough for Slasher, so a few top 4s at opens certainly won’t be either. A win in the Stage 1 playoffs could see this team stick together for years, but an early exit could bring about another roster change.


Probability: 4/10

The formerly undisputed champs of Europe are struggling and forced to watch from the sidelines as rivals Red take on the NA giants on Championship Sundays. Splyce hasn’t looked themselves all year and may even miss out on the CWL Stage 1 playoffs, currently tied for 4th headed into their second week.

Splyce is in a difficult position as the talent pool from EU is shallow compared to NA- if Red and Unilad aren’t breaking up, the pickings are slim. They won’t make a change for the sake of change, so how many non-pro league UK players can step in and help Splyce get back on top? The gunskill and elite talent is already on this roster, Splyce may only have to switch up roles and come up with a better boots strategy to get back to their winning ways. If that doesn’t work, might we see a hybrid NA/EU roster formed?

OpTic Gaming


Probability: 2/10

OpTic has disappointed in a major tournament before, but their losses were always shocking upsets. The strangest part about their t6 finish in Atlanta is that it was expected. For the first time since this dream team was formed, nobody expected this OpTic roster to win; they are clearly behind Rise, Red and Luminosity.

OpTic is out of sorts, their egos might be getting in the way during their puzzling map choices, or maybe they are not preparing like the other top teams. The beatdowns they received on Sunday may be the wake up call they need to get back on top.

The roster is obviously staying together for now, with Crimsix giving a hint at the role changes they feel are necessary. But role changes are a step away from roster changes. If their new strategies and main AR switch to Formal doesn’t work out, will we see the end of the most successful CoD roster ever? Probably not. I’m sure they’ll come back and win Champs.

The Rest

Probability: 10/10

Everyone who didn’t make the league is upset, so there will be changes to the next tier of teams. Whether that means a simple reshuffle, new orgs forming or pro teams plucking talent from unlikely sources remains to be seen. The most noise will likely come from these teams on the outside looking in, but any changes are unlikely to switch up a championship race like the teams mentioned above.

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