The Call of Duty World League playoff run is heating up, with four Group B teams fighting for that 4th and final spot in the Stage 1 Playoffs. The Group B teams are coming off mixed results in the Atlanta Open, with Luminosity and EnVy coming up just shy of a major title while eUnited had a tumultuous tournament end on a relatively high note.

With only two weeks left in group stage of the CWL Pro League, every match will be important in shaping the Stage 1 Playoffs. Here are the standings and the schedule for week 7 of the CWL.

CWL Group B Standings

1st Luminosity* 9-1 74
2nd FaZe* 7-2 69
3rd EnVy* 7-3 58
4th UNILAD* 5-4 50
5th Evil Geniuses 4-5 42
6th Splyce 3-6 49
7th eUnited** 3-7 41
8th Epsilon** 0-10 17

*Top 4 places advance to CWL Stage 1 Playoffs

**Bottom 2 places will be relegated

CWL Group B Schedule – Week 7

Wednesday, March 14th

FaZe vs Epsilon – 4:00PM EST

UNILAD vs Splyce – 5:30 PM EST

Epsilon vs Luminosity – 7:00 PM EST

EnVyUs vs Evil Geniuses – 8:30 PM EST

eUnited vs Luminosity – 10:00 PM EST

UNILAD and Splyce will square off in Wednesday’s most important match. The winner will feel better about their playoff chances, while the loser will probably have to pull off major upsets later in the week to get in.

Epsilon will not be able to ease in their new roster addition as they play two of the three top teams on Wednesday.

Wednesday CWL Stage 1 Results

FaZe 3 -0 Epsilon

UNILAD 3-2 Splyce

Epsilon 2-3 Luminosity

EnVy 0-3 Evil Geniuses

eUnited 1-3 Luminosity

Thursday, March 15th

eUnited vs Epsilon – 4:00PM EST

UNILAD vs EnVyUs – 5:30 PM EST

Splyce vs Luminosity – 7:00 PM EST

EnVyUs vs eUnited – 8:30 PM EST

Evil Geniuses vs FaZe – 10:00 PM EST

The pressure is on UNILAD to match what EG did to EnVy last night and stay in the hunt for the 4th  spot. eUnited will finally feel good about their chances of winning, while it looks like another rough night for Splyce.

Thursday CWL Stage 1 Results

eUnited 3-0 Epsilon


Splyce 1-3 Luminosity

EnVy 3-2 eUnited

Evil Geniuses 1-3 FaZe

Friday, March 16th

Splyce vs Epsilon – 4:00PM EST

UNILAD vs eUnited – 5:30 PM EST

Evil Geniuses vs Luminosity – 7:00 PM EST

EnVyUs vs FaZe – 8:30 PM EST

eUnited must now win out for any slim hope at playoffs, more likely their attention has shifted to avoiding relegation. Splyce and Epsilon battle to see who might be able to turn around their miserable campaigns so far. EG closes out their brutal week against LG, but a result against the top seed would put them in a great spot for playoffs. Have the wheels completely fallen off for EnVy, or was the reverse sweep against eUnited enough to get it together? A loss tonight against FaZe will set up a nervy final week for EnVy fans, and potentially a roster shakeup after Stage 1.

*All start times are estimated. European friends, remember that USA has already switched the clocks for Daylight Saving.

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