Final Fantasy XV was originally marketed as “A Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers” and now that the Royal Edition is available, bundling all previously released content, the same message holds true for this version of the game. In addition to previously released content, the Royal Edition adds exclusive dungeons and bosses that can easily add hours to this extensive journey. Best of all it fills in the gaps left behind by the original release while tweaking problems in the latter half of the game. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition provides the same beautiful and amazing adventure but with more.

From Prince to King

Prince Noctis is on his way to a political marriage to broker a peace agreement with 2 warring nations. Accompanied by his closest friends Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis things go wrong quickly. The treaty was a ruse to invade his home, with his father dead and his city captured Noctis must travel the world in search of his ancestors’ weapons and gain the favor of the gods to stop the war once and for all.

Final Fantasy XV incorporates more real-world elements such as eating, sleeping, and driving around. This strangely works for this type of adventure as Noctis and his friend’s trade banter, get annoyed and even sit in silence. It does seem strange that they all seem so calm after seeing their home destroyed and the prequel film providing a context of how people are losing their homes from the war. Even in the updated version, you don’t see much of the land ravaged as you do in the film.

Everyone Matters

These are your permanent allies, don’t expect anyone else to join for more than 1-2 missions. The adventure isn’t only focused on Noctis as his friends also take the spotlight from time to time. Each one has a distinct personality that adds weight to the story and plays an important role. This is more heavily emphasized in the Royal Edition since you can now play as any of them and their solo adventures.

Each episodic tale gives each one of Noctis’ friends their own adventure. Giving the player more information in Gladiolus’ desires, Prompto’s past, and Ignis’ fortitude. While most of the campaign focuses on Noctis’ journey these side adventures when added to the core campaign, help further showcase that each one of these characters can easily take up the role of protagonist.

Flashy Fights

Final Fantasy XV features an active combat system, this means no transitions between exploring and fighting. Everything is done in real-time which provides more chances to fight and gain experience, which is stored until you sleep. You can switch between any of your allies but can’t give them specific commands, but that’s okay. Your allies are smart and able to hold their own. However, you will still need to feed them recovery items when necessary.

Combat is flashy and well-paced with Noctis access to a multitude of weapons. Everything your allies can use Noctis can also wield, however, your allies are limited to one type of weapon. Noctis can swap out his weapons to include light, heavy, and medium weapons or even guns. Each one providing different benefits and combo attacks. Hitting enemies from a blind spot will increase damage and you can call your allies for special attacks but these are limited to a meter to prevent spamming.

the camera can become an issue. During smaller areas and places covered in trees, the camera can become obscured. While in the most important fights this isn’t an issue it can become vexing in the open world map. The camera issue can cause you to misread enemies leading to annoying cheap hits. However, if your health drops to a low point you can recover by consuming a potion before your recovery meter fully depletes. A welcome last ditch effort.

Spells are available but powerful. To prevent spamming you can only collect spells from magitek generates from the field. These can be harvested and combined for deadly spells. Since you’re limited to how many spells you can carry keeping them for specific battles is usually ideal.

After sleeping you can AP points base on how much experience you’ve earned. This turns the optional mechanic into a mandatory one, making certain inns provide better experience boosts. Once you’ve earned AP points you can invest in the Ascension Grid to upgrade attack, defense, cooperation-based attacks, and more.

The issue of the latter half of the campaign has been mostly resolved. It’s still a linear set of quests but, it’s less restricting than the original concept. Here more freedom is granted but it still strips away the freedom you’ll get used to during the first half of the game.

The multiplayer expansion, Comrades, is surprisingly well crafted. It’s clear the team took lessons from the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn team. While it doesn’t have the same depth it does give context to a section of the game where Noctis’ is absent.

Everything and More

This isn’t the only new addition to the Royal Edition. All the previously released content is a nice bonus but what if you already owned all of it? Well, the Royal Edition does provide new boss battles and dungeons unique to the game. They’re definitely memorable and challenging but the Royal Edition mostly targeting those who haven’t played most or any of the expansions.

As a whole Final Fantasy XV, Royal Edition is an excellent way to experience the game in its ideal state. Providing a full adventure with all the plot holes filled in with DLC expansions while also giving new content for those seeking more Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has also confirmed that more episodes are on the way.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is the complete journey so far, filling many holes within the original release. While it doesn’t add enough content for those who already own all the season pass content those who just played the original version will find a lot of value here. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is same great adventure released in 2016 and more.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Review
  • Fixes Many Plot Issues
  • Adds Hours of Additional Content
  • Same Incredible Gameplay and Characters
  • Camera Issues Still Present
  • No Infinite Sprint While Exploring
9Overall Score
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