God of War is 1 month away and director Cory Barlog from Santa Monica studios decided to reveal how the developers made the transition from the Kratos we know from the original PS3, PS2, and PSP games to the person he is now and the world around him.

Barlog stated during the interview that the developers went to Iceland to conduct research into Norse mythology to craft the world in God of War. Even renting out a Chruch to record the game’s soundtrack.

Barlog explained that his own experience of being a father was influential in developing Kratos’ new persona. Kratos’ has always been a hateful bitter person since the death of his family, which he caused. However, in the trailers, Kratos’ is shown having more patience and a lot less rage. Instead, focusing less on himself and more on raising his son without repeating his mistakes.

God of War launches on PS4 April 20th.

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