Max and Chloe have been through a lot. Life is Strange and its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm has shown these best friends reconnect after fate pushed them apart. Now the final episode in their journey takes the player back to the beginning, where Chloe still believed there was good in the world and Max had someone she could trust. It may not be the best in the series but Life is Strange: Before the Strom Bonus Episode: Farewell is an emotional beginning that provides context for everything that will follow in Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Life is Strange.

Back in Control

Farewell has players in control of Max back to when she and Chloe were in their early teens. The story provides any of the mechanics found in the 2 previous seasons, no backtalk or mystical time powers. Instead, it’s all about 2 friends having fun on their last day together.

Max is moving to Seattle and this leads to uneasy tension as Max conveys how close she and Chloe have been to the player. Nothing monumental happens that those who experienced either Life is Strange or Before the Storm won’t anticipate but shock moments isn’t what this episode is about. It’s to give players the chance to see Chloe and Max at their happiest and provide the context of how they were like.

Before Life Happened

Throughout both seasons we were always told that Chloe was a straight-A student with ample motivation for science and education. It’s here that we actually see it with textbooks packed on her shelf, a report card with As, and positive attitude towards everything. Almost the direct opposite of the Chloe I’ve experienced in other episodes.

The episode plays almost on autopilot. With the exception of a few simple puzzles and some optional dialogue options, this episode of Life is Strange lacks the tension and difficulty found in other episodes. There are no consequences and the dialogue options are barebones.

Starting Things Off Right

What it does do right is set the edifice for what will happen. Base on this episode alone players can understand how Chloe become the angry person she was in both Life is Strange and Before the Storm. It also shows Max is a different light, never did I see her smile so much.

Farewell is meant to be the beginning of this epic 8-part journey. Showing Max and Chloe at their happiest before life happened. It doesn’t have the same flare or tension many Life is Strange fans have grown fond of during the journey of Max or Chloe. It’s a wonderful beginning of a tale that ended a long time ago.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bonus Episode: Farewell Review
  • Fan Service
  • Great Starting Point
  • Completes Chloe and Max's Story
  • No Critical Decisions
  • Auto Pilot Episode
  • Simple puzzles
7.5Overall Score
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